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Wanna Be A CEO One Day? Here are The Skills You’ll Need

Let’s be honest, we would all one day love to become the CEO of a major corporation, making powerful decisions, earning an insane salary and counting on having power, respect and influence in all quarters. The reason why there are so few CEOs in the world, and also the reason why they are paid so well, is down t o the fact that it is not an easy job to do, and not everyone is able to do it. CEOs come from all walks of life, some were natural whizz kids like Mark Zuckerberg who took their company Read more [...]

What Benefits Are There To A Teaching Job

In many areas of the country there is a worrying lack of teachers and it is something which the authorities are working hard to remedy. Education offers a great career for many, and there are a great deal of benefits to the specific role of teaching. I spoke recently with the educational mastermind Kevin Rolle, Chairman of Alabama University and a man who has dedicated his life to education. We spoke at length about how the country can urge more people to take on teaching as a profession and the Read more [...]

What Makes a Great Business Owner?

In my experience of working with students at university age, I can honestly say that we have a generation before su who are probably one of the most ambitious that we have ever had. Amongst the young students that I speak with there are men and women who one day want to become doctors and lawyers, but the large majority of them are looking at becoming business owners, something which is more popular than I have ever seen. These young men and women are looking around and seeing the success of people Read more [...]
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What is it That Makes The Perfect Beauty Clinic?

I was chatting to a friend last week who had recently moved house and who was on the look out for a new beauty clinic. My friend knew that I had found a really good clinic and wanted to know how I had found it. In truth, I was lucky enough to find the Sono Bello reviews online, which was how I ended up there, but in terms of what makes a great beauty clinic, I wasn’t really sure what to tell my friend. It is too general to just say that a clinic should ‘feel’ good, and so I thought about it Read more [...]

Who Will Win The 2018 World Cup?

The time has come again for the FIFA World Cup, a competition which we haven’t seen since the magical event in Brazil back in 2014. I was fortunate enough to go that World Cup wit my buddy Yigang Tang and it was one of the best trips that I have ever taken. The question as to whether or not Russia can live up to the billing of Brazil in hosting the World Cup remains to be seen, but most importantly the question is who will in fact be victorious, and lift the coveted Jules Rimet trophy, let’s Read more [...]

Esther Nenadi Usman Addresses Insecurity in Nigeria

Esther Nenadi Usman understands like no-one else that no government can function without policy making. Even as far back as the Bible, there are records of political regimes. Moses, David, Joshua, Solomon, Saul, and all the Israeli rulers are examples of this. Closer to home, in Nigeria itself, Nenadi puts forward IBB, Buhari, Sani Abache, the OBJ parts, and so on. All of those had their own regimes, and all of them had some sort of policies and labels that stuck. What all of this means is that, Read more [...]

Patrick Dwyer Financial Advisor

If you're unsure about the roles which Patrick Dwyer Financial Advisor plays, continue reading to discover 7 facts about financial advisors, which will help you understand how financial advisors like Patrick Dwyer operate. 7 Facts About Financial Advisors: 1. Financial Advisors offer different amounts of experience and not all financial advisors offer industry credentials You may be surprised to hear that there are currently no regulations which stipulate who can call themselves a financial advisor Read more [...]

Trugreen Lawn Care Explores Native Grasses

Very few people opt to have native grasses for their lawn. Even though these grasses are far easier to maintain because they are, as the name suggests, native to the area, many people don’t choose them because they don’t create the desirable, lush green lawn. That said, they are used significantly in reforestation and companies like Trugreen Lawn Care use them quite heavily in pond plantings. So what are the native grasses to Knoxville, and Tennessee as a whole? Trugreen Lawn Care on Tennessee Read more [...]

Norco Ranch eggs talk about the benefits of the food

While obesity levels might remain pretty high, there's also no question that the world is starting to take health a lot more seriously. Authorities around the globe are attempting to push healthy living as much as possible, while gym memberships seem to be breaking records as well. In the midst of all of this has been the emergence of good, healthy nutrition. Fast food chains are struggling, with more people aware of what they consume. Some foods grab more attention than others and while it's not Read more [...]

Bob Mims Memphis on Choosing Golf Clubs for Kids

Very few people see golf as a child’s game. Rather, they imagine a big CFO or the leader of some sort of community foundation, a millionaire or a Hollywood celebrity, and more of those types of individuals to play it. At a push, they can imagine someone a university student to pick up the game, being given their first clubs from a wealthy parent. If this is how you also see things, then Bob Mims Memphis has got news for you, and that is that anyone can play golf, regardless of age. In fact, he Read more [...]