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Key points of effective project management

Project management is a fundamental skill that is required for the effective execution of a range of roles in the modern workplace. The ability to do so is critical to successful delivery in most sectors, and employers are increasingly looking for people who can demonstrate expertise in this area. Project management techniques Here are some hints and tips for how to manage projects to deadlines in the most efficient way: Define the outcome. Successful project managers start with the end in Read more [...]

Careers in the investment sector

If, as in the words from the musical Cabaret, "money makes the world go round" then it's worth considering a career in finance. Many of the brightest and best graduates have gone into the financial world, with the investment sector a major player in terms of attracting high caliber candidates. Working in finance can be tough but it can also be extremely rewarding. As markets constantly shift, those who can spot forthcoming trends and act to profit from them on behalf of their firm are highly sought Read more [...]

Keep Fit and Fab with these Easy Tips for Working out at Home During the Holidays

The holidays are an especially hard time to keep fit and stay healthy, mainly due to the temptation to simply relax, and eat whatever and whenever we wish. That said, the following home workout tips should help you stay on track of your fitness regimen during the holiday period: Exercises Wall press-ups Wall press-ups are a great way to burn off those extra calories and strengthen your forearms. On how they are done, simply stand about 65cm away from a wall and keep your feet hip-width apart, Read more [...]

How Healthcare has Evolved

The American healthcare system has been constantly changing since it was first introduced. One of the most drastic changes has happened over the course of the last two years. It has altered the way both patients and providers view and operate in the system. For those perusing a Master of Health Administration degree online, knowing and understanding the evolution of the healthcare system is crucial to your education. The following infgraphic will give you a little insite on the evolution of the Read more [...]

A preview of next month’s US non-farm payrolls

The US non-farm payrolls data (NFP) for October will be released next month on November 7, at 13:30 GMT. As ever (except if it’s a US public holiday, when it moves to Thursday), it arrives on the first Friday of the month. The market consensus indicates that the NFP figure this time round will be around 274,000. This means that experts expect jobs to increase more this month than they did last: September’s figure was 248,000. Overall, NFP in 2014 has been strong. For August, though, a poor Read more [...]

Party games to try at your next BBQ party

Next time you're planning a bit of a BBQ bash, why not consider adding some more fun to the mix by staging a few after dinner games with your guests? It can help make your BBQ stand out as different to all the rest and is also a good way for guests who might not know each other to spend a bit of time together and maybe even form new connections. BBQ Olympics Maybe best for before people eat if they're going to exert themselves, if your garden is big enough it shouldn't be too tricky to set up some Read more [...]

How to make the most out of a retail apprenticeship

According to government statistics published in February 2014, some 510,000 people took up an apprenticeship in England during the 2012/2013 academic year. This represented a 231,000 increase on 2009/2010 statistics. Retail made up the third largest percentage of apprenticeships by sector, accounting for some 20 per cent of the total. So, what makes retail apprenticeships so popular? The fact is retail encompasses many job roles, and the possibilities for career progression are significant. While Read more [...]

Top tips for successful viral marketing

What SMEs could learn from successful viral campaigns – An infographic by 4imprint Social media is increasingly returning benefits as a promotional channel for firms looking to engage audiences. As a result, businesses are being urged to learn from successful viral marketing techniques to realise their own goals. Promotional products retailer 4imprint has put together a number of viral marketing tips for companies based on the success of previous campaigns, including linking to popular culture Read more [...]

Can you Save Cost for your Big Business?

No matter how big your business, it is always beneficial to look into ways you could be saving money. All businesses face a drop in profits at some stage, whether it be due to a lack of demand or down to a tough economic climate. Even when the business is doing well, cutting costs can free up more money that can be put into core services. There are many ways you can cut back on costs in your business such as B1 format printing, restructuring and taking advantage of leading technology. Switching Read more [...]

Protecting Your Staff: Why Safety is Important in Big Businesses

All businesses have an obligation to keep their workplace safe. When you own a large business it is particularly important to ensure you have adequate health and safety rules in place. As a large company you need to show responsibility to the people you employ, as well as to your customers. If you don’t you could find yourself faced with high legal costs and a severe dent in your reputation. There are many things you can do to improve the workplace including the next best action by NICE Systems. Help Read more [...]