Why I Love Brick Brewery Ales

The Brick Brewery is a new brewery located in the beating and vibrant heart of Peckham South East London. This brewery has an air of mystery about it as it is quite a new brand. Therefore I took it upon myself to sample some of their offerings and share my thoughts with you. It is a hard job, but someone has to do it! Who are the Brick Brewery? At the moment the Brick Brewery currently produces an excellent core range of three beers. These are called the Pioneer IPA, Archway Steam and the wonderfully Read more [...]
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Perfectly Pittsburgh: 5 of the Sexiest Hotels in the Steel City

Pittsburgh is a city full of culture and diversity thanks to the long list of theaters, restaurants, buildings, and arts available. The best vacation in Pittsburgh starts at the hotel, and Pittsburgh has some great options featuring first-class service, beautiful rooms, and breathtaking views of the rivers and city. From romantic packages to unique, historical architecture, these five hotels offer five different kinds of sexy to spice up any Pittsburgh trip. 1. Omni William Penn Hotel Chandeliers Read more [...]

When Is It Time To Call In The Tutor?

As children grow and take on more subjects in school, one-on-one sessions with a tutor can be a good addition to their learning. Some children may do well on their own, while others can benefit from an algebra, chemistry, or earth science tutor to help them understand difficult lessons better and excel in school. By helping children with their lessons, tutors can help build self-esteem and enjoy learning more. If you’re not sure whether your child needs a tutor, read on for some signs that can Read more [...]

The Only Beauty Advice You Will Ever Need

Every woman wishes to have that ultimate gorgeous look without spending too much time getting prepared. Contrary to what men think, a good beauty regimen among ladies does not have to take too long. Most women would like to get glammed up quickly. The amount of time usually depends on the details of your desired look. Fortunately for women (and men), there are several quick and easy ways on how to achieve those smoky eyes and perfectly puckered-up kissers. For a sexy come-hither stare, using a long-wearing Read more [...]

Technological Issues for Businesses Today

Technology has helped many businesses become successful and save time, money and energy. Most technological advances have served to make life more convenient and enjoyable and improve service quality to customers. These are all good reasons for technology and its constant development which can be used to show any techno-skeptics how beneficial it can be. For example, strides in health care have now allowed for heart strategy to be completed through the help of robotics. The da Vinci robot helps Read more [...]

Mercedes, Audi and BMW ‘downgrade’ to attract new customers of popular brands

Three new premium German cars and a single goal: the Mercedes-Benz CLA, Audi A3 Sedan and BMW Series 2 are postulated as three key innovations for their respective brands in the quest to compete in the mass market with brands such as Ford or Toyota to expand their range of customers. The test starts with CLA Mercedes-Benz, a pioneer in the revolutionary segment that combines the versatility of compact sedans with the sporty coupe design. Launched last September, the CLA has become a decisive actor, Read more [...]
number of vehicles in operation around the world today reach one billion units

The Best Vehicles for a Round the World Trip

It doesn’t take a car expert to realise that your typical family hatchback would struggle to cope with the range of terrain and elements the Earth can muster up; but, if you are intending on taking a round the world trip that involves driving, what conditions does your vehicle need to survive and what are the best motors for tackling them? The Makings of an Effective Vehicle Copes in all weathers – rain, snow or sun it needs to be able to drive in any of the conditions that might befall Read more [...]
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How to Insure Multiple Cars while still saving Money

The level of investment confidence in the UK offers an insight into economic sentiment, while also underlining the fact that British business owners are more confident than they have been in years. This is despite the fact that the level of economic growth in the UK subsided during the second financial quarter, as the housing market and employment statistics suffered an unexpected set-back. So although companies are right to remain buoyant and should continue to back their ventures, they may need Read more [...]

A Convertible for Every Budget to Travel the World In

Setting off on a cruise or jetting off in a plane can be a good way to see the world, but for the full freedom and sense of adventure nothing beats driving down new, unexplored roads. But to do that you’ll need a car and though hiring is one option you can never be certain that what you get landed with is the best vehicle for the job. This is especially significant if you plan to take a long trip across Europe, but buying is a great option. is a good place to start as they Read more [...]

Hitachi UK: The Benefits of Choosing a Hitachi Commercial Fleet

Using a commercial vehicle fleet is one of the most cost effective solutions for business travel. Whether you supply company vehicles to individual reps within your staff body or you need to use a fleet service which gives your employees the option of a business pool car, employing a commercial fleet specialist such as Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions, could be your most economical option. Commercial vehicle leasing offers a convenient and simple way to provide your staff with the right cars Read more [...]