5 Charitable Organizations Changing What It Means to Give

It would be nice if all nonprofit organizations were completely trustworthy and aboveboard. But just as securities fraud litigation firms pursue dozens or hundreds of rule-breaking corporations every year, so too do nonprofit watchdogs monitor and call out unscrupulous NGOs and charities. Charities can and do violate the public trust, and it — perhaps unreasonably — falls on individual and institutional donors to sort the good guys from the bad apples.   Fortunately, there are plenty Read more [...]

5 tips to find the right financial adviser for you

Choosing a financial adviser or planner to manage finances and investments is an important decision. Follow these five tips to select a professional that suits your financial goals.   1. Know what you want   Do you want a financial planner or an investment manager? Financial planners help you craft a vision of your financial future, advising on cars, mortgages and retirement. Investment managers focus on building and maintaining your investment portfolio. Different advisers Read more [...]

4 Reasons to Stage Your Rental Property

Many sellers are aware that properly staging your home on the market can be beneficial to getting more offers when it goes up for sale. In many markets, however, it can also attract better tenants for renting if you stage your home prior to seeking renters. While many landlords and homeowners do not feel it warrants the hassle for rentals, there are many benefits to enhancing the look of your home to prospective tenants.   Attract Better Tenants Some renters are looking for an appealing Read more [...]

Buying vs. Renting: 8 Reasons You Really Want that Mortgage

Buying a house is a huge financial commitment, and many adults find the decision between renting and buying to be a tough one. Renting does have a few advantages, especially if you don't know where your career will take you, or you're not in the financial position to buy the home you really want. However, the perks of owning your own home are hard to deny. The following eight advantages of buying your home may persuade you to take the plunge.   A recent study found that in large metropolitan Read more [...]

4 Ways Vacations Can Help Your Health

Everyone knows a regular break from work can greatly increase your happiness. But do you realize how beneficial those breathers can be for your health? Vacations can do more than just make you feel a little more peaceful, by genuinely reducing stress you can lower your risk of heart attack and lose weight. It can also increase your productivity at work after you return, instead of being detrimental to your career. Getting in touch with nature can help re-center your mind and body, and witnessing Read more [...]

3 Reasons to Purchase A Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs are the kind of classic seating that brings people back to their teenage years. It may remind you of playing nintendo or listening to records. In any case, bean bag chairs have begun to grow up, just like the teenagers who used to love them. They are a much more modern, and classy, looking piece of furniture to add to your home, but with just as beneficial levels of comfort. Adaptability No other piece of furniture can completely adapt to your seating area and comfort, like Read more [...]

Maintenance Tips for Office Equipment

When the office copier breaks down, work comes to a screeching halt. Even the most responsive repair professionals take time to get to your location and fix the problem. Proper office equipment maintenance can help minimize these issues and keep your machine up and running. 1. Choose the Right Location Make sure your office equipment is in a location that will cause minimal problems. Do not place your copier or printer next to a heater, for instance, and make sure that pathways are clear around Read more [...]

Why Contractors Should Never Charge by the Hour

Hoping to scale your business? Professionals like Rick Schaden know a lot about expanding a small business to become more and more profitable. As a freelancer, contractor, or consultant, consider switching from your old ways of billing by the hour. This is a great first step to making more and, in turn, investing more in your business. Billing by the hour is a strange way of approaching a project. Why? Professionals who are more seasoned and experienced will work more quickly than professionals Read more [...]

Are You Tired of Weddings in the News?

The news these days is full of weddings. From famous people getting married to same-sex couples finally being allowed to tie the knot in many different states. For some, all of this wedding news may be tiresome but for others it may be inspirational. Finding out about someone else’s happiness should bring you joy, rather than bitterness. Here are just a few things that you may or may not know about marriage in the US. Same-Sex Marriage Laws There are currently 37 states in the US that allow Read more [...]

Ford Fiesta – Fun to drive car!

Ford Motors produced the Fiesta sedan long back in 1976 and the car has now reached its seventh generation. Fiesta was first introduced in India almost a decade ago in the year 2005. It was the fifth generation model and it enjoyed decent sales then. The sixth generation came around in July 2011 with new looks and features at a lower price. The company then again revamped the Fiesta and the latest model was unveiled at the Indian Auto Expo 2014. This new Ford Fiesta is the first car from Ford to Read more [...]