Speed Up Your Computer

It is an indisputable fact that computers slow down. It is just what they do. Thinking about it, though, can you blame them? They go through months, even years of daily use can cause slowdown, both through accumulation of files (and the subsequent reduction in available storage space) and degradation of hardware. The hordes of pop-up ads are ample evidence that there always have been and always will be people out there claiming to offer a quick - and, more invitingly, free - downloadable Read more [...]

Comfort Women Without Voices

Things happen during wars that leave people damaged as human beings for their entire lives and cost more than just money. This was especially true for the soldiers, granted these soldiers inflicted damage on others. The story of the comfort women is one that is appalling to say the least. In these times, there is human trafficking but it in no way is government instituted. These things in most countries would not happen today because of the media, social media, and the internet. Telling this story Read more [...]

The Benefits of All in One Tanks

Fish keeping is a huge hobby and there is a large amount of equipment from the tank itself to lighting and accessories. Many manufacturers now offer a complete kit, ready to ‘plug and play’ to make it much easier for the novice and even experienced aquarists. The main benefit of ‘all in one’ aquariums is that the tank comes complete with everything you need to set up the aquarium. From a small 20 litre tank to a huge 500 litre aquarium, every size is available in a complete set. Even cabinets Read more [...]

4 Things to Consider Before Becoming an Overseas Landlord

Owning your own business and enjoying passive income is doubling down on the American dream. However, the idea of “owning your own business” has evolved over the years, largely thanks to technology making it easier than ever to turn freelancing into a serious gig. There are now professional, full-time sole proprietors who specialize in web design, hosting or writing SEO-rich material. Business ownership isn’t (always) what it used to be. Some people have discovered that they can make a great Read more [...]

How to Stay in Savannah on the Cheap

Spring travelers come from near and far to Savannah. They travel here to visit one of the many festivals, see the blooming azaleas, or to sit back and relax with a mint julep. Although this is typically a time of year when hotel rates and airfare rise, deals can be found. There are many affordable Savannah hotels like the Savannah Marriott Riverfront. So, don't be discouraged into thinking that visiting Savannah during the peak season will cost you; you can stay in Savannah on the cheap it just takes Read more [...]

Why I Love Brick Brewery Ales

The Brick Brewery is a new brewery located in the beating and vibrant heart of Peckham South East London. This brewery has an air of mystery about it as it is quite a new brand. Therefore I took it upon myself to sample some of their offerings and share my thoughts with you. It is a hard job, but someone has to do it! Who are the Brick Brewery? At the moment the Brick Brewery currently produces an excellent core range of three beers. These are called the Pioneer IPA, Archway Steam and the wonderfully Read more [...]
Cover photo for Google Plus - Sheraton Station Square Pittsburgh

Perfectly Pittsburgh: 5 of the Sexiest Hotels in the Steel City

Pittsburgh is a city full of culture and diversity thanks to the long list of theaters, restaurants, buildings, and arts available. The best vacation in Pittsburgh starts at the hotel, and Pittsburgh has some great options featuring first-class service, beautiful rooms, and breathtaking views of the rivers and city. From romantic packages to unique, historical architecture, these five hotels offer five different kinds of sexy to spice up any Pittsburgh trip. 1. Omni William Penn Hotel Chandeliers Read more [...]

When Is It Time To Call In The Tutor?

As children grow and take on more subjects in school, one-on-one sessions with a tutor can be a good addition to their learning. Some children may do well on their own, while others can benefit from an algebra, chemistry, or earth science tutor to help them understand difficult lessons better and excel in school. By helping children with their lessons, tutors can help build self-esteem and enjoy learning more. If you’re not sure whether your child needs a tutor, read on for some signs that can Read more [...]

The Only Beauty Advice You Will Ever Need

Every woman wishes to have that ultimate gorgeous look without spending too much time getting prepared. Contrary to what men think, a good beauty regimen among ladies does not have to take too long. Most women would like to get glammed up quickly. The amount of time usually depends on the details of your desired look. Fortunately for women (and men), there are several quick and easy ways on how to achieve those smoky eyes and perfectly puckered-up kissers. For a sexy come-hither stare, using a long-wearing Read more [...]

Technological Issues for Businesses Today

Technology has helped many businesses become successful and save time, money and energy. Most technological advances have served to make life more convenient and enjoyable and improve service quality to customers. These are all good reasons for technology and its constant development which can be used to show any techno-skeptics how beneficial it can be. For example, strides in health care have now allowed for heart strategy to be completed through the help of robotics. The da Vinci robot helps Read more [...]