The art of feeding and growing the plants

If you want to have a colorful garden at your home it is essential to see that the plants are healthy. For becoming healthy the plants also need nutrients which you have to supply by adding vegetable waste, compost and other chemical fertilizers. But the point to be considered is the amount of nutrient the subject Plant food care needs because depending upon the plant variety its nutrient requirements also varies. The preliminary requirement for you will be to know the exact status of nutrients in Read more [...]

Head into business with these wacky ventures

You can run a boring, buttoned-up business with the dreariness of a mortician, or you can run a by-the seat of your pants, snappy, exciting enterprise that’s more left-of-centre than a Syriza/Russell Brand mash-up. Needless to say, the latter is the most fun – and it could make you a profit. With that in mind, what oddball businesses cold you get into that’ll keep you interested and, more importantly, keep you flush? Fill the void of property cleaning Imagine delving into the murky interior Read more [...]

Measuring the Effectiveness of Online PR

Standard measurement practices within the Public Relations industry have been implemented to help Public Relations professionals evaluate a campaign’s success. With many businesses in the market and budgets under close supervision, the skill of accurately gauging the success of a campaign and conferring PR’s value in accomplishing the goals of the organization is important. GW’s Strategic Public Relations master’s program focuses on the argument of the topic of measurement in the industry. Read more [...]

Tips for Becoming a Freelance Financial Consultant

Is your office job getting you down? You're not alone. Studies show that 60% of millennials left their last job position in under three years, while there has been a 63% rise in the number of people going freelance in the past decade. If you're skilled in the financial sectors, it may be worth skipping the nine to five and opting to go freelance.   While it is possible to become a self-taught financial specialist, a degree from a respected institute such as the London School of Business Read more [...]
Business meeting with work on contract

The need for legal expertise in a global arena

Today's business world keeps growing bigger and bigger every day. One thing that makes a major difference is the fact that so many businesses have a global presence. While a global presence increases a company's sales by a large margin, it also makes a major difference in financial and legal issues.  There is a real need for legal consultants who specialize in finance and commercial law. Shahram Shirkhani is an example of a professional who has this level of expertise. These consultants provide Read more [...]

Top Seven Ways to Protect Your Home

Did you know that every 15 seconds a home is burglarized in America? Shocking, right? In each burglary, the homeowner looses nearly $2,000 worth of stolen goods or experiences property damages. Sadly, burglary seems to be more common with the economic problems. People will do anything to make ends meet. Most people that experience a home break-in do not want to take out a claim on their homeowners insurance policy, so they usually have to deal with the loss. Fortunately, there are ways to protect Read more [...]

Columbus: America’s Best Kept Secret Destination

I've often said that Columbus is a great city for college students, families, and those looking for a quirky, alternative city. Though Ohio's capital doesn't have the same name equity as some "peer cities" across the United States (think Austin, Portland, etc.), Columbus has a lot of personality that continues to attract people every year. There's no better time to explore Columbus than in the fall – and it has nothing to do with collegiate football. In fact, the football season gives visitors Read more [...]

The importance of consistent online and off-line marketing

Modern companies and brands have a huge array of different marketing materials to choose from, and sometimes making a consistent message across all different forms of media can be a challenge. Modern digital and traditional methods of promotion not only require special attention to get them right in isolation but also extra thought needs to be paid to making sure that your websites and online presence match your business cards, brochures and off-line material. The process starts at design. When Read more [...]

Discover the Natural Wonders of Long Beach

Long Beach is a city best known for its diverse population, its tourist-friendly aquarium, and the RMS Queen Mary, which sits proudly in Long Beach Harbor. It's so close to Orange County that it tends to get swept up in the hustle and bustle that plagues these urban centers. Most people don't even realize that there's a more relaxed side to this busy Californian city. If you want to connect to nature on your Long Beach vacation, make sure these local secrets are on your itinerary. Stay in Beautifully Read more [...]

Cities Less Traveled: How to Eat, Sleep, and Shop in Bloomington on a Budget

Home to Mall of America, the country's largest shopping complex, Bloomington is every shopper's dream. However, there is so much more to this city than clothing stores and boutiques. With theme parks, water parks, enormous movies theaters, and several scenic nature parks, Bloomington makes an ideal getaway for a fun-filled vacation in the North Star State. With a bit of ingenuity, travelers can find and book cheap Bloomington hotel rooms and low-cost flights for an affordable stay in the shopping Read more [...]