Top Seven Ways to Protect Your Home

Did you know that every 15 seconds a home is burglarized in America? Shocking, right? In each burglary, the homeowner looses nearly $2,000 worth of stolen goods or experiences property damages. Sadly, burglary seems to be more common with the economic problems. People will do anything to make ends meet. Most people that experience a home break-in do not want to take out a claim on their homeowners insurance policy, so they usually have to deal with the loss. Fortunately, there are ways to protect Read more [...]

Columbus: America’s Best Kept Secret Destination

I've often said that Columbus is a great city for college students, families, and those looking for a quirky, alternative city. Though Ohio's capital doesn't have the same name equity as some "peer cities" across the United States (think Austin, Portland, etc.), Columbus has a lot of personality that continues to attract people every year. There's no better time to explore Columbus than in the fall – and it has nothing to do with collegiate football. In fact, the football season gives visitors Read more [...]

The importance of consistent online and off-line marketing

Modern companies and brands have a huge array of different marketing materials to choose from, and sometimes making a consistent message across all different forms of media can be a challenge. Modern digital and traditional methods of promotion not only require special attention to get them right in isolation but also extra thought needs to be paid to making sure that your websites and online presence match your business cards, brochures and off-line material. The process starts at design. When Read more [...]

Discover the Natural Wonders of Long Beach

Long Beach is a city best known for its diverse population, its tourist-friendly aquarium, and the RMS Queen Mary, which sits proudly in Long Beach Harbor. It's so close to Orange County that it tends to get swept up in the hustle and bustle that plagues these urban centers. Most people don't even realize that there's a more relaxed side to this busy Californian city. If you want to connect to nature on your Long Beach vacation, make sure these local secrets are on your itinerary. Stay in Beautifully Read more [...]

Cities Less Traveled: How to Eat, Sleep, and Shop in Bloomington on a Budget

Home to Mall of America, the country's largest shopping complex, Bloomington is every shopper's dream. However, there is so much more to this city than clothing stores and boutiques. With theme parks, water parks, enormous movies theaters, and several scenic nature parks, Bloomington makes an ideal getaway for a fun-filled vacation in the North Star State. With a bit of ingenuity, travelers can find and book cheap Bloomington hotel rooms and low-cost flights for an affordable stay in the shopping Read more [...]

9 Tips for Going Global With Your Business

Are you considering the international expansion of your business? Or maybe you're already overseas, but profits aren't taking off quite as much as you'd like. Whatever your reasons for seeking global business advice, here are just nine ways to make it in a foreign market. 1. Set Goals Which countries are your benchmarks for success? How much do you expect to generate in revenue by the end of the year? Having clear-cut goals will keep you on track and allow you to measure your progress as your brand Read more [...]

How is Technology Making the Home a Safer Place?

With advancements in technology, the home is becoming more secure and safer to live in. Whether it’s deterring someone from trying to enter your home, making it more difficult to break in to or improving the chance of capturing an intruder, technological advancements have improved all these areas of safety and security. Safer Traditional Lighting When it comes to lighting a home, some prefer old fashioned candles in certain locations for a traditional, relaxed look. However, open flames are Read more [...]

Discovering Newark: It’s Actually Kind of Awesome

It's common for Newark, New Jersey to get a bad rap. Perhaps that's because many people only see the airport - which is admittedly not the most appealing in the world. If you give Newark a chance, however, you might be pleasantly surprised. This city has more than a handful of lesser known delights for you to discover. Here are some that you don't want to miss. Cheap Hotels No one is saying that you should avoid the big-ticket attractions in NYC and Jersey City, but those kind of attractions Read more [...]

What is Green Pest Control?

Green pest control is a natural extension of traditional pest management systems that focuses on a holistic approach to solving pest problems. It involves a pest control strategy that monitors pest levels, threshold levels, and manages pest problems using products that are contain plant based (organic) materials or products that are of natural origin. Besides treating pest problems with “green” products, green pest control also focuses on educating individuals about the importance of preventative Read more [...]

Do It All in St. Louis

Exploring the city of St. Louis, Missouri, also known as the Gateway to the West, is more encompassing than one might imagine. This friendly city wears many hats and will delight the history buff, budget-conscious family man (and woman), sports aficionado, adventurer, arts critic, foodie, and beer lover. Stay in a Historic Landmark Image via Flickr by Ron Reiring The Doubletree by Hilton St. Louis Union Station (commonly known as the Union Station Hotel) will delight any history buff or Read more [...]