10 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Day

While your wedding day is likely the most exciting and both nerve-racking thing to ever happen to you, it will also be one of the most expensive. With dozens of guests to tend to, getting the right venue at the right time, making sure you and your spouse look your best, and a plethora of other things to consider, it can become really overwhelming.

But worry not, as there are many ways you can save yourself a few dollars, perhaps even thousands. Wedding days need to be memorable, but they don’t need to put you into lifelong debt. Shaving off a few dollars here and there will greatly benefit you in the long run and reduce your stress a little at the same time. You can also enjoy a more extravagant honeymoon with some of what you’ve saved.

So, without further ado, here are ten ways you can save big on your wedding day while still making it unforgettable from Cielo Gonzalez Villa.

Fake Your Cake

Real fondant cakes are insanely expensive. This is made worse when you decide to have a gigantic multi-tiered one with icing color to your wedding’s theme. Simply have your baker make a cardboard cutout for the majority of the bottom tiers and keep the top one real so you have something to slice.

Don’t Waste Money On A Ridiculous Dress

While beautiful bridal gowns are every girl’s dream, consider the variety of more cost-effective alternatives available online for the fraction of your local store’s price.

Keep The Alcohol Options Low

Unless alcoholic uncle Charlie is coming, there’s no need to waste money on expensive liquor. Beer and wine will suffice.

Do Your Own Flowers

Instead of paying someone an exuberant commission to find and compile flowers for you, simply order some yourself and put them together. The girls would probably love to help with this anyway.

Or Just Use Fake Flowers

Not only will nobody notice, but they’ll be significantly cheaper and you’ll be saving water at the same time. They can also be used in the future as decorative pieces or be given to friends/family for their weddings.

Use Second-hand Decor

Unless you were a lovechild, your parents probably got married too, along with their parents. Ask around and see what they’ve kept from their wedding that you can use for yours.

Be Your Own DJ

Having a DJ come over with his lousy van, equipment, and ten miles worth of cables is so unnecessary these days. If you’re in a small venue, consider a sizeable Bluetooth speaker and simply hook up your phone. Otherwise, plug your laptop into your venue’s own sound system and channel Spotify playlists.

Let Other People Help

This isn’t the time to act humble and deny any requests for help. If someone wants to give a hand when setting up, let them!

Buy Gifts in the Sales

Depending on when the big day is set, you could take advantage of the endless sales that online gift stores usually have.

Buy What Can Easily Be Resold

Take tablecloths, for example. If you buy a set that is a neutral color, you could easily sell them on eBay or Craigslist, perhaps even for a nifty profit.

Got any more great tips? Let us know!

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