New Zealand is famous for its breathtaking sceneries, majestic snowcapped mountains, dense lush forests, glittering glacial lakes, lively seaside cities and beautiful beaches. It calls for adventure from walking to bungee jumping and mountain climbing. From hobbit villages to scenic volcanic mountains, the land of Kiwis is ripe for exploration.

It is an ideal flashpacking destination with so much to do and see. Christchurch is great place to explore and indulge in activities such as whale watching and see the Antarctic Center, which has plenty of penguins. It is a lively town trying to rebuild itself after the earthquakes in 2011.

The South Island’s west coast is one of the must see destinations in New Zealand. It is a scenic destination with waterfalls, gorgeous fjords and spectacular beaches, and gives you an opportunity to explore the rustic side of New Zealand, via bus, car or even campervan.

New Zealand has incredible exotic wildlife, which include the kiwis, which are the national bird and the tuatara, the only living examples of dinosaurs and are almost extinct.


India is huge, diverse and rich in history. It nourishes you with its delightful cuisine, gives you opportunities for adventure and allows you to soak in its amazing culture. Flashpacking is an ideal way to travel through this vast country witnessing its ornate palaces, its colorful cities and its fascinating landscapes of mountains, deserts and coasts.

Though most tourists venture only to the Golden Triangle, Rajasthan and Kerala, as a flashpacker you can explore the lesser visited areas in India and discover yet another side of the country.

Bombay may not be as popular and Mumbai or Delhi but it is an interesting city that sees fewer crowds as is the norm of other Indian cities. It has wide streets lined up with vast colonial buildings and seems more organized. You can take a trip to Elephant Island, cruise the Indian Gateway and visit the markets.

Ladakh is another destination to consider, it is the mountain Shangri La in the north of India. It is wild and remote and the only choice of travel here when it snows is by plane; normally you can drive to this destination and explore the ancient way of life in this region.


If you want to include sun, culture, sand and adventure in your flashpacking holiday, you would not go wrong flashpacking in Morocco. It is a fascinating country of rugged mountains, ancient cities, deserts, beaches and blend of cultures.

Marrakech is a major city to explore in Morocco; it is vibrant with incredible sites, the entertainment at Djemma el Fna and the Berber style accommodation of Riads. It is here that adventures to the summits of Atlas Mountains begin. The Atlas Mountains are not short of fabulous accommodations as you can retreat to mountain Kasbahs to relax.

You can take a relaxing break to the seaside town of Essaouira, which not only treats your taste buds with great food but also gives you an opportunity to explore fishing villages and engage in fun water sports. Other ideal destinations for flashpacking in Morocco include the ancient city of Fez and Chefchauen.

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