4 signs you are a Samsung or Android user that should switch

For years, big-screen smartphones powered by the Android operating system of Google Inc. had been chipping away at iPhone’s market share, especially in emerging markets. However, Apple took some time and countered with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which copied the most killer feature of the Android smartphones; big screens.

Basically, Apple made its return with a bang and it didn’t just claim its lost market share, but also took away some away from Android and Samsung. The sales of new iPhones broke records and a lot of these buyers were Android converts.

It is a possibility that you may live in Android world right now, but you are actually more suited to an iPhone device.

Here are signs that tell you that you should switch from Samsung to Apple:

  1. You only chose Android for the bigger screen

The large-screen market has been dominated for some time by devices powered by the Android OS as manufacturers regularly release devices with displays surpassing 5 and even 6 inches. Thus, the protocol was that if you needed a phone with a bigger screen, you would have to get an Android phone, often a Samsung. Apple stubbornly continued to launch devices with 4-inch displays.

Luckily, Apple decided to change its strategy and cater to a greater audience by launching devices with larger screens. Now, you have the option of getting a bigger screen in an iOS device.

  1. You find it difficult to use Android interfaces

The iOS operating system is known for providing its users with a simple and streamlined experience, whereas the Android OS is more focused on ongoing development and customisation of features and applications. Many hackers and programmers choose Android for this reason, but the layman user may not appreciate such variations in software.

In addition, the Android user experience also varies depending on the manufacturer as they add their own software to the OS. However, you can get consistent experience from all Apple devices, which gives you reason to switch if the Android interfaces frustrate you.

  1. You are annoyed with infrequent Android software updates

As Apple is in charge of rolling out iOS software updates, nearly all its devices get them at the same time. The same cannot be said for Android devices as the software update has to go through the mobile carriers and device manufacturers before they reach users.

This means that devices are often not updated for months and users have to deal with bugs and unfixed issues, which can be highly frustrating. Another reason you may consider switching to Apple.

  1. You are worried about mobile security

Despite the major 2014 iCloud hack in which intimate photographs of celebrities were stolen, Apple’s software is considered one of the safest on in the market.

The company takes more care than ever to provide military grade encryption of its hardware and software, so all information stored on user devices remains confidential. Android’s platform is open source so the system code can be accessed by anyone and can be modified, which makes it riskier than the iPhone.

Will you be switching to an iPhone from a Samsung or Android device?

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