While most people would like to spend a honeymoon basking in the sun, there are those seeking a different kind of honeymoon. Alaska is the perfect destination for a different kind of honeymoon. It offers adventurous couples a playground for adrenaline rushing activities such as camping, rafting, canoeing, kayaking and amazing wildlife. It is home to the largest mountains in North America that rewards you with amazing views of mountains, glaciers and fresh air.


Egypt is an astonishing destination with a long history that stretches far beyond the stories in the bible. It is the land of Pharaohs, pyramids, deserts, mountains and intriguing mix of cultures. It balances the ancient and the new in perfect harmony. You can enjoy your honeymoon sailing down the Nile River whose banks host incredible historical monuments. Discover the mysteries, timelessness of Egypt through visiting its cities such as Cairo, Alexandria and Aswan. If you want to add a beach experience in your perfect honeymoon, you can visit the cities and towns along the red sea such as Basata, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. Your honeymoon couldn’t ask for a more romantic holiday destination than Egypt.


Jordan is an unusual honeymoon destination, which offers incredible romantic experiences such as floating in the Dead Sea, touring the ancient rose-colored city of Petra, sleeping under the stars in the Wadi Rum Desert and exploring the wonders of Amman.

The ancient city of Petra is beautiful and is incredibly rich in history, it is the perfect place to enjoy walking hand in hand discovering royal tombs, the pharaoh’s castle the street facades and temples. You can also opt to ride horses for a more romantic experience.

The Hammamet is a series of hot water springs with biblical connections that still run hot up to date. You can enjoy the spa treatment in this area and swim in the Hammamet after exploring the historical sites of Amman. This type of experience is best enjoyed through a specialist tour operator like Corinthian Travel who know the country inside out can take you to the very best and most romantic spots.


Since time immemorial, Kenya has been a destination that evokes romance from its overseatravelers; from its earliest settlers who fell in love with the misty hills surrounding the snow capped Mt Kenya to the international travelers that arrive daily to explore this magnificent country. It boasts of an enviable range of dramatic landscapes dominated by exotic wild animals. The Kenyan coasts offers beautiful white sandy beaches, idyllic islands and an interesting mix of cultures. It offers paradisiacal setting for the perfect honeymoon experience.

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Oman is a brilliant destination for sun worshippers, the sunshine shines all year round. It has one of the oldest civilizations in the Arabian Peninsula with friendly people and dramatic landscapes. Though it may not be an obvious honeymoon destination, it has a lot to offer; miles of unspoilt coastline with golden sandy beaches, warm blue waters, vast sandy dunes and deserts and spectacular rugged mountain scenery.

To spice up your honeymoon you can stay in a Bedouin camp in the Wahiba desert, sail in a traditional wooden dhow at sunset, observe how giant sea turtles lay eggs along the beach and explore the charming architecture of Muscat.

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