5 Simplest Ways to lift Your Mood 

A bad mood is just that: Bad! It will make your days look longer and tiring, can make you lose business, harm your relationships with loved ones, and if you don’t address it, end up bringing serious health challenges like worsening the blood pressure.

In a nutshell, you can hardly win if you are not in the mood.

And so whatever the cause, you need to do something about it sooner than later. Here are some very simple tactics that can help lift your mood when feeling down:

  • Massage

Various studies have revealed that massage can lower the levels of cortisol- the stress hormone- in your body and could help brighten your mood.

In some cases, massage therapy was reported to lower cortisol by a staggering 50% meaning that you should soon feel better.

Not only that:

Massages including a sensual massage can boost the levels of happy hormones serotonin and dopamine further helping stabilize your mood

  • Exercise

Exercise increases endorphins in your system and could naturally switch your mood from terrible to good within a couple of minutes.

And you don’t have to wait for a trainer or the gym- even a simple workout like walking or jogging should give you a significant endorphin boost.

Generally, as soon as your breathing starts becoming difficult, the body reacts by releasing endorphins bringing feelings of happiness and euphoria.

  • Listen To Your Favorite Music

A study conducted by the revered University of Missouri concluded that listening to any upbeat music could go a long way in improving your mood. 

The researchers noted that it’s also important to avoid overthinking while listening and you should just concentrate on enjoying the beats.

So, turn up the volume and let the music soothe you when feeling low.

  • Hug Someone

Psychologists contend that rubbing your forehead, neck, and hands against someone stimulates the pressure receptors scattered in the skin and can lower stress hormones.

Additionally, touching others stimulates the release of oxytocin again enhancing the feel-good sense.

It has also been suggested that warm hugs decreases heart rate and battles the effects of bad hormones in our systems.

  • Count your blessings

One of the best times to look back and to start counting your blessing is when feeling down.

Think about and even write down what you feel thankful for. Walk your mind back to the past achievements, successes, events when you were celebrated, and recognitions won.

Recall favorite moments shared with loved ones, workmates, and when you conquered the World.

Even without remembering everything, expressing gratitude should bring a smile and create an immediate mood boost.

Final Word

While we cannot avoid occasional mood swings, it pays to fight a bad mood as soon as it appears.

That’s because it can be costly to our relationships, job performances, business, and day to day living.

Some of the sure ways to shift your moods from negative to positive includes listening to your favorite musician, counting your blessings, hugging a mate, simple workouts, and going for a massage therapy.

These, plus others should help bring back the sunshine to your days and to remain happy regardless of what’s happening.

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