5 Things You Need to Do When You Recruit For the Hotel Industry

When the hotel you own or manage needs to hire extra staff, you must be sure that the people you get are the best people for the job. They must be trustworthy, hardworking, skilled, and great team players. This helps ensure that your hotel continues to flourish and grow in the right direction.

It can be difficult to recruit amazing people. But some managers are better than others at finding the perfect match for a hotel job. Don’t rely on software or gut instinct, follow these tips to get a better calibre of staff at your hotel.

1. Be Clear About the Job Description

Don’t think that you will remember all the skills you need to look for in someone applying for a job at your hotel. It is important that the job description for your role is complete and that you can easily refer to it when shortlisting and then when interviewing. You will be able to prioritise the skills needed for the job as well as any specific qualities you are personally looking for to ensure that the person fits well into your team.

2. Decide on External or Internal

Look carefully to see if you need to recruit from outside or inside the company. There are advantages and disadvantages for recruiting from both sections. You may know that there is someone ideal for the role and it is helpful to bring them into it, or you may have to look a bit deeper for potential candidates. Many times you will need to recruit externally through using online job postings, industry forums, or a reputable hotel recruitment agency.

3. Carry Out the Correct Background Checks

It may seem like a person has an impeccable record but if you fail to carry out a background check just once, it could turn into a major headache for you further down the line. You definitely do not want a problem with guests’ possessions going missing, or inappropriate behaviour from a member of staff. Check for criminal records and also check references.

4. Clarify Your Interview Procedure

Don’t rely on guesswork or an out-dated mode of interviewing. Work out your interview procedure including the key questions you want to ask and other questions that are directly related to the job role. Decide on a way of measuring responses that does not only take into account a gut feeling.

5. Implement Training

In order to get your new employees to hit the ground running, make sure your training procedures are complete and up to date. A good training program will help your hotel run more smoothly and allow people to settle into their new roles more easily. It will also allow you to evaluate performance if you employ in a trial or temporary basis.

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