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5 Tips for Your All-American Road Trip

There are few things that can be as exciting as the “Great American Road Trip.” With a country as vast and diverse as ours, it is no surprise that road tripping brings with it an abundance of adventure and surprise. Every year, thousands of Americans venture out onto roadways to experience their own highway travels. So what should you do on those trips? Included here are a few tips to make your American road trip as memorable as possible.


Stay Historical

America might be a relatively young country, but she does have plenty of incredible landmarks for you to visit. Stay in a historic hotel, visit a national monument or see a rendition of a famous battle. Every state in the U.S. has its own personal history and traits that will be memorable to see in the flesh. Seeing things in person can help link those boring history lessons to something important and concrete.

Eat Local

Modern culture has become obsessed with the notion of uniformity which has created the death of diversity. Fortunately, there are plenty of people in each state doing something original and unique, like cooking. Don’t spend your days on the road eating McDonald’s and shopping at Walmart, take time to visit the small businesses and mom and pop shops. You are guaranteed to have a much better experience if you eat locally produced food and support small, family-run operations.

Don’t Make a Strict Itinerary

One of the plagues of modern road tripping is the tendency to over schedule. The best plan is to make yourself a rough sketch of places that you really want to see during your drive. Don’t force yourself to drive a set number of hours per day or end up a certain destination every night. The beauty of the open road is the freedom it affords. Have the option to stop at that random tourist shop, take an extra hour to sit on a beach or spend time chatting with locals in a coffee shop.

Take Breaks

Many people completely over exhaust themselves on road trips by the third or fourth day. This can be a direct result of the above point, over scheduling. It is important to keep track of how you are feeling as the trip progresses and understand how much energy you have available. Take an extra day in one place to read or nap. You will appreciate all of the sights if you have good energy and are not overstimulated.

Visit National Parks

Since the National Park system was established in 1916, America has been working to preserve small chunks of paradise for public use. These natural areas are unique and beautiful and should be taken advantage of during your cross-country road trip. You can buy a yearly national park entry pass for less than $100 that will get your car full of people into the park.

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