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5 Tips To Modernize Home Improvement Projects

At some point in your life, you’re going to run into the home improvement conundrum. Basically, what’s going to happen is that you know you want to improve something, but whenever you imagine what you want to do, you end up thinking of the same old things.

So, to modernize your next home improvement project, here are five tips to get you thinking outside of your normal box – look for inspiration in new places outside of your typical comfort zone, think backwards from detail work instead of waiting until the end, choose modular ideas instead of concrete ones, add a touch of nature to your thinking patterns, and start with a quality item, and expand from there.

Look For Inspiration In New Places     


If you’re always looking for inspiration in the same places, you’re never going to expand your horizons. Look at architecture magazines you’ve never glanced through before. Go to websites that have always looked boring, out of your league, too expensive, or not what you’re looking for culturally. You may find just the right piece of inspiration you’re looking for.

Think Backward From Detail Work   

Usually you’re going to think of details after the major home improvement work has been done. But what about working backwards? Start with some beautiful detail work in your mind, like professionally installed railing, and then design outward from that staircase or that balcony. You might be surprised what kind of interesting things you come up with.

Go Modular Over Concrete          


And even if you know for sure that whatever you’re improving is going to be there for the next 30 years, consider that someone may change his or her mind. This means to pay special attention to the possibility of modular designs instead of ones that install and stay put through the next four earthquakes and a zombie apocalypse. Go light and modifiable, and you can’t go wrong.

Add Nature To the Mix       


Think of your best home improvement idea, and then add nature to the mix. What would a porch look like if it had a tree for a stabilizing post? When you see beautiful natural designs like that, you may be inspired to do something similar. Mixing nature with anything typically makes it much more peaceful as an overall design concept in the end.

Start With Quality, Then Expand       


If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, buy some great quality kitchen appliances. And then work outward from those, stylistically, to other parts of the kitchen, and other parts of the house. That way, your passion will flow from one room to the next, and it will all be based on some of your favorite activities.

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