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7 Tips To Help You Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathroom renovations can be really costly and take a long time. You can easily end up spending thousands of dollars on a single bathroom remodel. This is especially the case since costs vary widely for practically everything, including sanitaryware.

If you want to remodel the bathroom, here are some tips to help you achieve just that.

Plan Your Bathroom Layout

Do not make changes that are not actually necessary. If you make some fewer alterations, plumbing costs are low. Obviously, there are things that you simply cannot avoid, like leaks. In such a situation, you absolutely need to hire plumbers that offer Queanbeyan leak detection services. With the rest, things are much simpler.

The most important thing about your bathroom layout is to avoid changing bathroom fixtures. It is expensive to move a toilet, as an example.

Hire The Electrician Early For A Bathroom Renovation

Electricians are needed for lighting schemes, rewiring, adding electric showers, shower pumps and anything that is connected to electricity. Talk to one before plumbing work actually starts. This helps a lot in planning the jobs into an effective schedule.

Only work with the registered electricians so you are protected if something bad happens. There are always some regulations and schemes that have to be respected, according to law.

Choose Sanitaryware First

In order to make sure that cold pipes, hot pipes and waste pipes are in a proper position, sanitaryware has to be chosen before tiling or plastering. Everything has to be specified so you can take the important key decisions first. If you start doing plumbing work, alterations quickly become too expensive.

Save Some Sanitaryware

Always think about reusing some sanitaryware or quality taps. For instance, in most situations, the roll-top baths can be salvaged. You can also consider re-enameling some of them since this is really cost-effective and also helps maintain bathroom character.

Mix And Match

During a bathroom renovation project, try to stick with white. Then, mix some items coming from various suppliers. This helps you to afford everything. You do not really need luxuries or sets to make the bathroom look perfect. Just make sure that you avoid all the cheap fixes, like plastic shower trays or baths. These are too thin and are tough to actually make watertight through sealing.

Haggling Is Possible

Asking for discounts is not at all a bad idea. In fact, this is a big part of the office policies of several shops. This includes high street stores that are always open to price negotiations. If you do not haggle, you actually throw cash out the window.

Don’t Forget Waterproofing

Last but not least, you can use some tile backer boards in order to line shower enclosures and bathroom walls. These are completely waterproof if properly jointed and taped. At the same time, they add insulation and are wonderful as you install underfloor heating. You do not want leaks in your bathroom and tile backer boards do wonders at helping you do just that. Remember that water leaks will always be pretty expensive to fix.

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