A Convertible for Every Budget to Travel the World In

Setting off on a cruise or jetting off in a plane can be a good way to see the world, but for the full freedom and sense of adventure nothing beats driving down new, unexplored roads. But to do that you’ll need a car and though hiring is one option you can never be certain that what you get landed with is the best vehicle for the job.

This is especially significant if you plan to take a long trip across Europe, but buying is a great option. is a good place to start as they feature thousands of new and used cars from every make imaginable to suit varying budgets. Here are three models that will truly enhance your adventure whether you want to save money or go all-out.

Budget: Ford Focus Coupé Cabriolet 1.6 CC-1

Ford have a range of convertibles available at affordable prices, especially if bought second-hand, and the Ford Focus Coupé Cabriolet is one of the nicest looking. A reliable drive if you’re going for the long haul, it’s perfect for cruising down a sunny beach or just simply pop the roof back up for travelling through colder climates.

With a 1.6 engine that’s pretty powerful but 2 litre versions are available for those seeking that extra thrill. There may only be two doors but there are four seats, so plenty of room for the kids as well.

Mid-range: Audi TT Convertible Roadster

With a higher price tag and diesel engine, the Audi TT Convertible Roadster has a slicker design and more powerful engine than the aforementioned Ford Focus. Its in-built Sat Nav will prove useful in case of an emergency and it is available in automatic and manual versions for those who fear the gear.

The diesel engine may put some off but means it can do 0-60 in under eight seconds with about 50 miles per gallon.

Flash: Aston Martin DBS Convertible

For those with cash to splash it has to be one of James Bond’s favourites, the Aston Martin DBS Convertible. A petrol engine, rear wheel drive and top speed nearing 200mph make this a beauty to steer through the wooded roads of Eastern Europe to the sandy paths of Mexico.

New models cost around the £200k mark while non-convertible varieties are available too. But with that price comes 0-60 in under 4.5 seconds and one of Britain’s finest exports (alongside James Bond obviously).  

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