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Advantages of Using Quartz Worktops in Your Home

Quartz worktops are made of different minerals combined to make a very versatile product. However, the quartz material makes up most of the product, which produces very attractive worktops. With different designs, colours and patterns, quartz worktops, when installed, offer a very classic and even luxurious feel and add value to your kitchen. Below are reasons why quartz worktops are what you need to give your kitchen that perfect look.

Quartz worktops are unique

Quartz worktops are made of natural stone and other minerals combined in the manufacturing process. This concept yields distinct pieces that are polished, unique and classy. You can select from a wide variety and pick which suits your preferences.

Consistent and uniform look

Quartz worktops are man-made thus have striking uniformity all through the worktop. The mixing of colours and patterns is the same across the countertop, unlike other countertops that vary because they are sourced as natural and just reshaped and polished. Quartz worktops have a consistent and stylish look.

Wide variety of designs

Being man-made, manufacturing of quartz worktops has evolved, and new creative designs and patterns are released continually. This comes in handy if you desire to match your home decor with the worktops. This gives you the freedom to choose your preferred colours and patterns.

Strong and durable

Quartz worktops are stone slabs made of quartz mineral constituting 90% of the slabs and other binding products and colour pigments constituting the rest. This ensures durability as quartz mineral is a very strong material. Using quartz worktops eliminates the constant stress of fixing chips and cracks time and again. They are also scratch-resistant, so maintain that new and classy look for many years.

Easy to maintain

Unlike other countertops that need sealing or waxing to avoid absorbing liquids and staining, quartz countertops are non-porous. They are easy to clean because they don’t stain.

Does not breed bacteria

Being non-porous also means that you eliminate bacteria completely by easily cleaning the worktop. Other countertops absorb spills and are difficult to clean, thus cause bacterial growth.

Pass the test of time

One way to know the quality of products is to gauge how long they have been in use. Quartz products have been manufactured and used for a long time and with every challenge they get better and better. This is also evident in good reviews by clients who have used quartz products. Quartz worktops are a worthy investment as they stand the test of time.


Quartz worktops are more cost-effective compared to other stone worktops. This affordability runs from purchase to maintenance costs that are minimised by its durability.

Consider all these advantages when choosing the right materials for your preferred worktop material. You will realise that quartz worktops are the best choice for your kitchen and bathroom.

Image: pixabay.com

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