Bank Holiday Ideas for the Family

We all know that every weekend should be three days long so it makes sense to make the most of Bank Holiday weekends when they come along. The next one we get to enjoy is the weekend of Saturday 29th August. This is also the point after which summer inevitably starts to turn to autumn which gives you added incentive to make the most of the three days with your family. Whether you want to treat them to a lovely break, enjoy yourselves around the house and save money or try something completely new, there are a few ideas below to keep you and the kids entertained. Let’s just hope the weather is befitting the occasion.


Experience Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival has grown exponentially since being established in 1964. Fantastic music, food and floats make it an incredible spectacle and the atmosphere is something your family will not forget. Sunday tends to be the best day for the family or catching sight of the main parade on Monday is also very exciting.

Go On A Family Getaway

Squeeze the best weather out of the summer by heading on a mini holiday over the August bank holiday. UK Breakaways run holidays to some of the best resorts in the country and have lots on offer including places to which you are unlikely to have been before.

Walk Along One Of The Country’s Most Picturesque Coastlines

Wherever you live in the UK you will not be more than a couple of hours drive from the coast. Make the most of its accessibility by driving to the remotest section and enjoying the rugged beauty by going on a long walk.

Outdoors Crafts

Take the craft table outside if it’s nice weather and get creative in the garden. There are lots of great ideas for new projects over on Pinterest. You could make the most of the season by theming the activities around the garden and the great outdoors.


Find Out About Free Fun Local Events

You’ll find that community groups will be putting on free events in your local area. Check with museums, libraries and community centres in your area to see what is going on. Not only are they likely to be fun for the whole family but it is great to support such events in the community to keep them free and promote community cohesion.

Find Your Nearest Outdoor Cinema

This seems to be a growing trend which more and more cities are accommodating. There is a great article here on The Guardian with different outdoor cinema schemes around the country. Find the nearest one to you, pack a blanket and picnic and enjoy one of the family-friendly showings.

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