Basic Commodities That Your Business Will Ultimately Need

The utilities needed depend on the type and size of the business you would like to jump in to. For example, there are some businesses that are obligated by law to provide a clean bathroom for their employees, while some are not. It simply boils down to the needs of the business at hand as well as the licensing requirements set by the government and the local authorities.

Here are some of the most basic commodities that your business will ultimately need.

  1. Water. Clean, running water is one of the musts when building a business. Regardless of the type of business you are in, you need to have access to water for health and safety purposes. It is very important that you look for a stable source of water before you pick the location for your business. If you are residing near the metro, you may connect to the local water services or if you plan to use an existing water service, make sure that you allow sufficient time to fill out the forms. Luckily, tap water in the UK, both from public and private sources, is safe to drink.

  2. Telecommunications. It is important for businesses to set a line of communication with their target customers; thus, telecommunications are necessary. This may also include not just your businesses phone service but also internet and cable. If you need these three, it will be cheaper if you have them under one provider.

  3. Electricity and gas. This is also vital for any business unless your business is done from the back of your car. In the UK, the energy market is privatised which means you have a lot of companies to choose from. Your choice of electricity provider may depend on the location you choose. Also, you may consider putting up your own energy source though this is not recommended for start-up businesses since it will cost you a lot.

  4. Trash disposal. To ensure that you keep a clean, safe environment within your business premises, proper waste disposal is required by law. You have to make sure that your business waste is kept to a minimum and that it is segregated properly. You may want to read further about proper waste disposal guidelines for businesses before starting your own.

Paying Utilities

Brokers like Utility Bidder provide you options for how to pay the bills. Gas and electricity companies often send personnel every three months to read your meter. You may choose to use your debit or credit card via the phone or send in the payment via the post office using the payment slip included in your bill.

Starting up a business is not an easy thing to do and so it is highly recommended that you look for a utilities broker who will be able to help you out. Make sure that the company you choose is highly qualified and has been in service for a long time. You don’t want another headache just because of utilities, right?


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