Benefits Massage Therapists Provide Weight Lifters

Massage therapy is more than just a way to recover from injury or joint problems. Professional athletes can also benefit from professional massage. Weight lifters, in particular, are great candidates for therapeutic massage, which benefits them in five distinct ways.

1. Better Circulation

Massage therapy stimulates the circulatory system, increasing blood flow throughout the body. For weight lifters who have large, bulky muscles, poor circulation can be a common problem, and it slows down recovery during training. Therapeutic massage delivered after a training session can speed up recovery by increasing blood flow.

2. Better Flexibility

Flexibility in the joints is essential to the weight lifter, yet the increased tension the sport causes can reduce flexibility. Massage therapists are trained in techniques that will help improve flexibility for all patients, including athletes.

3. Better Sleep

Massage therapy helps patients of all types enjoy better sleep, and better sleep is crucial to the recovery process for weight lifters. Investing in a massage after a training session helps the weight lifter enjoy deeper, more restful sleep to encourage recovery.

4. Lower Pain Levels

Pain does occur after weight training, but too much pain can hinder results. Muscular pain from working your muscles is often reduced with the help of massage therapy.

5. Decreased Tension

Finally, massage therapy helps lessen tension, a common problem for the body put under the stress of weight lifting. In order for the recovery process to be effective, you must have some relaxation, and massage therapy can help set the stage for relaxation.

Weight lifting puts tremendous strain on the muscles as the weight lifter works to increase muscle mass and size. Some of that strain can be lessened, and the recovery process improved, with the help of professional massage therapy. With at least one massage therapy session a week for best results, weight lifters can enjoy better sleep, circulation and flexibility as they hone and train their muscles.

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