Bharat Bhise HNA – Tips to Survive Working in Cyber Security

When I first started working in cyber security I was given an amazing mentor in Bharat Bhise HNA, who taught me so much about this world. Bharat was able to walk me through how the business operated but also how the world of cyber security operated, and I must say that it can be quite scary at first. I can still remember what Bharat told me as I entered work for my first day on the job, all smart and optimistic ‘don’t for a second think that it is like the movies’. I remember these words and as we went on Bharat taught me so much about how to survive in this industry. If you are a considering a career in cyber security then here are some tips on how you can survive like myself and Bharat have.


It Isn’t Like The Movies


Bharat’s first piece of advice was absolutely correct and whatever you may have seen in the movies about how cyber security operatives are represented, could not be further from the truth. We don’t catch criminals, we don’t make huge wages and we are not respected for our incredible coding skills. It would be nice if Bharat and I were able to catch criminals in the act, but unfortunately the job just doesn’t call for that.


People Can Be Very Stupid


Even in today’s world where everyone is tech-savvy, actually understanding how computers and systems work is still something which many people have no idea about. This is going to be a problem during your career and you are going to encounter some very stupid people along the way. The people I am referring to are not stupid because they don’t understand computing, no, not at all, they are stupid because they don’t listen to your instructions, they don’t pay attention when you are advising them, and then they expect help when they make a mess of it.




Bharat and I don’t have too many clients who fall prey to a cyber attack but when it does happen, it is always the fault of the business. In all of the cases where our clients have been hacked it has been because they have erroneously given their password and details to someone who shouldn’t have them, or because they have designed the most basic and guessable password under the sun, believe it or not we had a client who got hacked, their password? That’s right ‘Password1’.


Enjoy the Rewards


It can be easy to pass off seeing information about how many attempted attacks the software has prevented, but it is important to recognize that you did that. When something is prevented it doesn’t cause much of a stir, after all, nothing happened. What is important however is that you think about what may have happened if you hadn’t been there doing this important job. If you want to survive you need to celebrate any success which you have.



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