Bob Mims Memphis on Choosing Golf Clubs for Kids

Very few people see golf as a child’s game. Rather, they imagine a big CFO or the leader of some sort of community foundation, a millionaire or a Hollywood celebrity, and more of those types of individuals to play it. At a push, they can imagine someone a university student to pick up the game, being given their first clubs from a wealthy parent. If this is how you also see things, then Bob Mims Memphis has got news for you, and that is that anyone can play golf, regardless of age. In fact, he was just a young child when he fired off his first ball from a tee. As a guideline, you cannot start someone young enough if they are to excel at a sport. However, you do have to make sure that you have the right tools and equipment ready, and specifically that you have the right clubs.

Bob Mims Memphis on Clubs for Kids

There are a number of national golf clubs that are particularly interesting to consider, according to a recent report. Those include:

  1. The U.S. Golf Foundation

This was founded in 2001 by Dan van Horn. It brings together some 400 international, national, regional, and local golf events for children and their families. They have also developed the Ultralight Kidsklubs, which are some 25% lighter even than junior clubs. Their Tour Series was cited by Hot List, the Golf Digest magazine, as being the best of the best. Make sure you visit the Fitting Charts to get the right ones for you. According to Luke Donald, the best starter club is the USKG 9, perfect for three to five year olds.

  1. The Kids Golf Club Innovation

Their club is known as the Acculength and if you can ever get your hands on those, you will have gotten a real steal. In 2009, they won the Hot List because of their innovative design. Their clubs can be fitted with spacers, which allow them to grow with the player. Plus, you get a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on them as well. This is important, because some people have said that it can be difficult to fit the spacers. If you find this, then your club will be replaced, no questions asked.

These are just two of the options, but there are many more. After it was clear that the sport was suitable for everybody, not just someone approaching cardiac arrest due to old age, all the big brands started to develop golf clubs for little ones. This also means that someone who is desperate doesn’t have to shoplift anymore, because they should be able to get hold of affordable clubs, just from lesser known brands. Plus, because more brands are getting involved, with the newest lines being announced in Louisville in August, competition is getting stronger. And when there is more competition, prices usually start to go down. A perfect opportunity for people to get their kids into golf in an affordable way, in other words.

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