Botox in San Jose Can Also Be Used for Excessive Sweating

When young people hit puberty and there hormones become unbalanced, they may start to suffer from excessive sweating. Normally, the body will adapt to this new hormonal balance and the excessive sweating will stop. It will simply go back to sweating when needed. Yet, in this country, it is believed to 8 million people continue to suffer from excessive sweating. Interestingly, they may be helped through botox in San Jose.

Botox in San Jose for Excessive Sweating

When someone experiences excessive sweating, they will usually turn towards deodorants and antiperspirants first. These are designed to place a temporary block on the sweat duct while at the same time smelling pleasantly. However, in people who have problematic sweating, the product becomes useless because it dissolves because of the sheer volume of sweat. Stronger varieties do exist, but may not always be suitable.

Various medical procedures can help people with excessive sweating. One of those is the endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. This is a procedure whereby the sweat nerves are burnt or cut meaning the body will no longer know when to sweat. This is a medical procedure that comes with some risks although they are quite rare. The biggest problem with this procedure is that it is quite invasive. On the other hand, it is also very long lasting. In fact, the effects can last for years. However, only the sweats nerves in the armpits can receive this treatment.

Another option is sweat glands suction. This is not unlike liposuction. Local anaesthetic is used and the sweat glands found in the armpits are sucked out. It is a less painful procedure with even fewer risks of side effects. Some swelling does occur but this usually only lasts for about a week. Again however, only the armpits can be treated this way.

And then, there is botox. Botox is known for its rejuvenating properties. Men and women the world over turn to it to get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles. However, botox was originally developed for medical procedures including the treatment of excessive sweating. Injecting botox directly into the sweat glands stops them from producing sweat. It takes just 48 hours to see a 95% reduction in how much sweat is produced. After one week, sweating stops altogether. Botox can be applied all over the body, which is its greatest benefit. The downside is that the treatment only lasts about 6 months.

Excessive sweating is very embarrassing. Thankfully, the problem is so common that medical professionals have been looking into ways of treating it for a very long time, and quite successfully so. As shown above, there are three reasonably non-invasive procedures available to help people who suffer from this. Should you be one of the eight million people in this country who suffers from excessive sweating, do speak to your physician to find out whether any of the above treatments may be suitable for you. Do not suffer in silence.

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