Build a Better Business: Go Green

It seems that the world is green-mad at the moment, but there are more than just conscientious benefits when you choose to make your business more environmentally friendly. One of the major drives in the green movement is to use less energy, and as you’re almost certainly paying for every kWh you use, it makes sense to try and cut back where you can. Stand anywhere in the office and look around – there’s almost certainly something you can change to be more green.

Equipment – Even if you’ve only got a basic office, you’ll have computers. As they run constantly for hours on end, they’re very likely to be the main power draw in your place of work, and making them more efficient can really save some energy. This can mean making sure the fans aren’t clogged up with dust, but you could also consider switching to new energy efficient laptops instead. Efficient power strips and energy-use monitors can really help too – you can find out more about them on the Critical Power Supplies website.

Air Con – Air conditioning is very resource intensive, and it’s all too common for it to be left on without a thought, when you could actually just crack a window open. Encourage employees to use the air con only when they actually need it, and not to let it become nothing more than an unnecessary habit. Just a few degrees warmer can save a huge amount of energy too, so don’t turn it onto max if it’s not essential.

Heating – Similarly to using air con, it’s not always essential to leave the heating on a timer, and there’s no point heating more office space than you need. You can also drastically cut bills by making sure that your premises are properly insulated. Huge amounts of heat can be lost through windows that are very thin or not sealed correctly.

Lighting – If all of the bulbs in your office, workshop or other workplace are not energy-saving, then it’s high time you replaced them all. There’s no excuse now that they’ve come down in price, and many will pay for themselves in a very short space of time. As with air con and heating, you should also drill it in to employees to switch off lights when they’re not needed, or even install motion detectors to ensure lights only come on when people are present.

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