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Build The Ultimate Rec Room This Fall

As fall looms in the near future, thoughts turn to those areas in the house where, protected from the cold, the family will increasingly be counting time through the harsh winter months. Although this sounds gloomy, a rec room can become a great place of entertainment and comfort, and for the ultimate rec room, real solid wood furniture is the only addition that will do.

When entertaining friends, your furniture should make a statement about you, and having a few “signature” artisan craftedpieces, like solid wood coffee tables or chairs, will let friends know how much you appreciate quality. The superior feel and finish of handcrafted furniture tells friends and family that you are both discernible and down-to-earth, and that you invest in your home the way people did in bygone eras, buying not just for yourself, but for future generations as well. Nothing makes a statement like the look and feel of quality furniture.
A requirement of one’s rec room, besides aesthetics, is also comfort. How can you relax if the chairs, lounges or love seats are too narrow, poorly designed or poorly assembled? Handcrafted furniture takes comfort into account within the design, and produces pieces ergonomically tailored to provide hours of invaluable relaxation and generations of continued functionality.

Some of you may already have an heirloom furniture piece somewhere in storage, and you’ve picked out the perfect spot in the rec room for it. However, once you place it in your rec room, you notice that the finish is not quite right when sitting next to the other furniture. Refinishing is always an option with quality furniture, but to ensure the heirloom furniture maintains the craftsperson quality it was built with, choose a furniture craftsperson to handle the refinishing. It takes a true craftsperson to understand the ability of the wood to absorb the stain and finish required to match the rest of the furniture already in the rec room.

Perhaps the most important task as you create the ultimate rec room, is choosing the manufacturer of the furniture. How will you know what true quality is in this time of cut-corners, faux-chic design and disposable, assemble-it-yourself furniture? The secret to this choice is longevity: a manufacturer of quality solid wood furniture will only last as long as their reputation. Once a style of furniture has been chosen, look for a company that has been in the business of crafting quality furniture for at least a few decades, and choose a manufacturer that guarantees and insures their product’s delivery to your home.

The summer is waning and it is just a short time until fall is upon us. Families will be heading indoors more and more as the temperatures drop, to roll out the board games, flip on the television or cozy up to a good book. To last through the winter and many winters to come, build your ultimate rec room with the look and feel of quality and comfort using handcrafted wood furniture.

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