Businesses that can be started in your concrete garage

If you are looking to earn a bit of extra money on the side or want to kickstart a new business venture entirely, a concrete garage can be the perfect place to do so. With high-quality concrete garages, as manufactured by companies like Dencroft Garages, they are extremely versatile and can be customised and converted to suit your needs entirely. A garage can provide you with a space to work in ways that you wouldn’t be able to in your house, either for mess or noises, there is a certain amount of freedom that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

There are many properties that a concrete garage has that makes them naturally perfect for a new business start-up. One of these is their strength and security which is important as the contents of your garage will likely be valuable with expensive tools or equipment. Secondly, a bespoke garage is a blank canvas for you to transform however you see fit sit as it is simply a large open space with lots of potentials. Another key feature of a concrete garage, as opposed to something like a shed, is that it can be renovated to accommodate for living spaces, by installing things like lighting, plug sockets and adding a heating system.

Here are some of the most common businesses that can be started in a concrete garage.

Bike repair shop
One business venture that is often started out in garages is a bike repair business. As long as you have the expertise and knowledge in how to fix a bike and the necessary tools, this can be a great idea. A garage, as with any type of business, will have little or no overhead costs which allow you to charge considerably less than someone that is renting out a shop.

Joinery or carpentry
Joinery or carpentry are also a great business to start in a garage. Turning your space into a workshop allows you to turn a hobby into a job and be able to make money from doing something you enjoy. In your converted workshop, you will be able to install power tools like saws or grinders that would be far too unsafe and messy to have in your house.

Freelance design
If you have the skillset and qualifications in fields like web design and graphic design it may be difficult to be given the experience in such a competitive industry. As long as you have an internet connection and a computer set up, your concrete garage can provide you with the opportunity to work in a freelance capacity and gain valuable experience. Some companies may look to bypass big companies with lots of costings as the design work could simply be done by one person at home who would charge less.

Trying to work in a house with a big family can often be extremely distracting if you are trying to work, especially if you have young children. A concrete garage can, therefore, give you the isolated peace and quiet, this is particularly useful if you are an author trying to write a book that has been a personal project of yours for a while.

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