Can I Be Made Redundant For Bad Performance At Work?

Bad performance at work is never a good thing. If you are struggling to keep up with deadlines or just to do the job, then you should discuss it with someone. You may be worried that it will mean that you get made redundant. However, it does not work like this.

Redundancy is not a personal thing. It is when a particular role in a company is no longer needed and therefore the person in that role is made redundant. It should not be the person that is considered, when making a decision about redundancy, but whether the role that they perform is still necessary. Therefore performance should have nothing to do with it altogether.

However, if you are performing badly, you could risk being dismissed. There are legal procedures for this, where you have to be given warnings with regards to your performance. If things do not improve then you may get the sack. A series of warnings have to be issued and you will be told what you have to do in order to avoid being sacked. You should be able to get help to improve your performance so that you can avoid this.


Most companies do not like having to sack their employees. They would rather try to help them to improve their performance. This might involve giving them some extra training so that they can get better at what they do. They may even get other team members to help them. It may be a case of moving the person to a role that suits them better. There are a lot of options and it is worth being open and honest about the problems you are having and the reasons why you are not able to do your work properly.

You may feel that it is shameful to admit that you are having problems. However, if you have been issued with a warning, then it is obvious to others that there are problems as well. This means that it is best to admit it and see whether you can move on from it. There will be people who will want to help you to improve so that you can do your job well and so you just need to ask for help and listen to what they say.

If the person struggling with work is a temporary member of staff or contractor, then they are more likely to be got rid of. They cannot be made redundant anyway but they will just be given notice to leave. This could be just an hour’s notice, depending on the agreed contract between them. As they tend to charge by the hour, then notice tends to be given by the hour as well.

If you are a permanent employee, then you cannot be made redundant through bad performance. However, there may be a chance that you can be sacked. Most companies would try to avoid this though by helping the employee to improve their performance.

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