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Wanna Be A CEO One Day? Here are The Skills You’ll Need

Let’s be honest, we would all one day love to become the CEO of a major corporation, making powerful decisions, earning an insane salary and counting on having power, respect and influence in all quarters. The reason why there are so few CEOs in the world, and also the reason why they are paid so well, is down t o the fact that it is not an easy job to do, and not everyone is able to do it. CEOs come from all walks of life, some were natural whizz kids like Mark Zuckerberg who took their company Read more [...]

What Makes a Great Business Owner?

In my experience of working with students at university age, I can honestly say that we have a generation before su who are probably one of the most ambitious that we have ever had. Amongst the young students that I speak with there are men and women who one day want to become doctors and lawyers, but the large majority of them are looking at becoming business owners, something which is more popular than I have ever seen. These young men and women are looking around and seeing the success of people Read more [...]

Esther Nenadi Usman Addresses Insecurity in Nigeria

Esther Nenadi Usman understands like no-one else that no government can function without policy making. Even as far back as the Bible, there are records of political regimes. Moses, David, Joshua, Solomon, Saul, and all the Israeli rulers are examples of this. Closer to home, in Nigeria itself, Nenadi puts forward IBB, Buhari, Sani Abache, the OBJ parts, and so on. All of those had their own regimes, and all of them had some sort of policies and labels that stuck. What all of this means is that, Read more [...]

Patrick Dwyer Financial Advisor

If you're unsure about the roles which Patrick Dwyer Financial Advisor plays, continue reading to discover 7 facts about financial advisors, which will help you understand how financial advisors like Patrick Dwyer operate. 7 Facts About Financial Advisors: 1. Financial Advisors offer different amounts of experience and not all financial advisors offer industry credentials You may be surprised to hear that there are currently no regulations which stipulate who can call themselves a financial advisor Read more [...]

Exceptional Software Strategies, Inc. – Great Financial Advice for Small Companies

Small companies always have it tough. They have to use limited resources to get everything from the most important to the most mundane things done, and they must always be ready to compete no matter what the challenge. Just when things seem to be going well for a small business owner, he has a new and unexpected challenge. An employee leaves for a better paying job at a competitor, or the number one client demands a 10% reduction on his already signed contract leaving the company scrambling to Read more [...]

The Management Mistakes of Donald Trump

It’s been over a year since Donald Trump was elected into the White House by the American public. In that time, he’s survived repeated controversies around his attitude towards women, his private business dealings, his relationships with Russian officials and his countless social media outbursts. Despite all of the controversy during his time in office however, there are signs that the US is seeing something of an economic resurgence. Employment rates are on the increase, the stock market has Read more [...]

5 Things You Need to Do When You Recruit For the Hotel Industry

When the hotel you own or manage needs to hire extra staff, you must be sure that the people you get are the best people for the job. They must be trustworthy, hardworking, skilled, and great team players. This helps ensure that your hotel continues to flourish and grow in the right direction. It can be difficult to recruit amazing people. But some managers are better than others at finding the perfect match for a hotel job. Don’t rely on software or gut instinct, follow these tips to get a better Read more [...]

The Pros and Cons of Leasing Copy and Printing Machines

Running a business or an office has become a lot easier, with the options of either purchasing or leasing office equipment becoming more accessible. Depending on the needs and financial condition of the company, they can opt for any of the two equipment acquisition choices. There are both advantages and disadvantages when buying and leasing machines such as printers and photocopiers. The secret is to analyse each one of them to see if leasing or buying is the best course for your company. Here are Read more [...]

Tips for Determining the Location of Security Cameras for Commercial Establishments

The location of security cameras is very important. We have heard of many cases in the past where crimes ended up not being recorded just because of the wrong placement of the cameras. Some of them were placed in areas where there was very limited coverage. Others were in really dark spaces and the footage was totally unclear. Here are some things to consider when determining the position of surveillance cameras. Indoor and outdoor areas For most businesses, having outdoor security cameras is Read more [...]

Benefits of Insurance for Independent Contractors

We’re all familiar with how advantageous insurance can be for large industrial enterprises and personal property, but how effective can independent contractor insurance actually be? Is it merely a formality and an added expenditure or does it warrant the investment that it requires? You’ll be surprised at the merits that it yields for independent contractors. In fact, it’s so essential that its existence is oftentimes required by law before any business can be done. Here are just a few benefits Read more [...]