Technology For More Efficient Board Meetings

As fall heads into full swing, board meetings are on the agenda once again and many directors, executives, and administrators alike are asking themselves how they can improve their organization’s board meetings this fall. Classic tips for more efficient board meetings include staying on schedule, focusing on big issues, providing directors with thorough briefings, and handling minutes quickly and effectively. Technology can help your organization meet these objectives and start on the path toward Read more [...]

How To Hire The Right Salespeople

The consensus hiring managers in the sales industry have come to is that meeting prospective employees in an interview setting before hire is instrumental to finding the perfect candidate. However, did you know that relying on interviews for the purposes of picking the best applicant isn’t always very useful?This is because standard open-ended interviews rarely call into question a candidate’s true capabilities, or whether their sales personality would make a good fit for the company. An applicant’s Read more [...]

No Leads? Dealer Chat Is The Solution

Sick of paying for outbound leads that don’t really lead anywhere except a quick hang-up? Tired of wasting your time putting together newsletters and sending emails that are bound to be ignored? In some states, it’s getting harder than ever to even cold call or email potential leads, while in Canada, new anti-spam legislation has come into effect that could change forever the way you follow up with your leads, especially with newsletters and emails. If your dealership’s lead generation strategy Read more [...]

Four Jobs To Consider If You Enjoy Helping People

Working at a job, or career, where you help others can be very rewarding and satisfying. When you put good out into the world it brings more good into your own life so you feel happier and more accomplished. Sure, not every job where you help people is always going to have good outcomes, like if you work as an ER nurse, but you’ll still have good days when you save a life, or change a life. Nurse There are many jobs in nursing, and while they all have their sad moments, you know you work to make Read more [...]
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2 More Beverages That Will Soon Become Popular Sellers Worldwide

The Coca Cola Company, a world leader in beverage manufacturing, retail sales, distribution, and marketing, is ever expanding, their product line growing in markets that include soft drinks, bottled water, and juices, among other products. For 100 years, the company has remained progressive, introducing new products that have become leaders in the beverage market. That trend continues in 2015, as the Coca Cola Company ("Coke") moves forward on 2 more beverages that will soon become popular sellers Read more [...]

5 Reasons You Should Use Psychometric Testing When Hiring

There has been a lot of talk in the human resources industry lately about the importance of hiring somebody who is the right ‘cultural fit’ for your organisation, rather than somebody who necessarily ticks off every skill or experience on your candidate wish list. The traditional hiring model of collecting resumes, interviewing and reference checking doesn’t always work to effectively identify if you are placing the right person in the right job. Recruitment industry leaders like Chandler Read more [...]

Tips For Starting Your Own Crafting Business

Whether you want to craft full time or you just want something to do on the side when you are not at work, people with a creative spirit are making a living at crafting and selling their creations and you can too. If you do some research you can find many different businesses that started out in someone’s basement or garage and became world famous. While there’s no guarantee you’ll be the next sensation, you might make a little money and have some fun while you’re doing it. Decide What Read more [...]
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Overwhelmed With Pigeons? A Humane Bird Control Company Has Your Back

Toronto has a pigeon problem. The tall buildings in which to roost, the busy streets, and the garbage that collects in them create the perfect conditions for these avian creatures. There’s food, water, and everything else they need to multiply – and multiply they do. Anyone walking down the street or taking the TTC will see evidence of their presence. Pigeons have left their mark on every street in the city and sometime even on unlucky pedestrians. Pigeon poop is not an attractive feature Read more [...]

Doing Business the Easy Way with Accounting Software

Not only does accounting software help you keep your books properly balanced, but it’ll help contribute to your businesses’ success. If you're a small business owner, you're already aware that the chances of your succeeding depend largely on your ability to size up your target demographic, advertise to them in an effective manner, and supply them with the goods and services they require at a price that guarantees you a comfortable profit. Technology Is Always a Friend to Business But Read more [...]