UK MOT’s Get Tougher

The UK has always been at the forefront of motoring, and being the inventive nation that we are, motoring safety. We were the first nation to invent and implement the highway code in 1931, and up until recently had the strictest maintenance codes for vehicles. That mantle had been taken over by other European countries such as Germany and Spain, who’s tests focus more on environmental impacts, but in an effort to regain the crown, the UK recently introduced much revised MOT rules. Although they Read more [...]
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Tips in Making a Good Investment in Auto Insurance

Owning a car entails both pleasure and responsibility. It gives convenience in accomplishing daily routine, such as family visits, shopping and commuting. However, there are several possible risks associated with owning a car. This includes vandalism, theft and accident. It is for the latter reasons that you need to protect your car by getting an auto insurance. Car insurance is also compulsory as it is required by government law. Finding auto insurance is a lot easier nowadays because there are Read more [...]

Finding the Right Car To Travel In

Ah, to travel. To hit the open road. To enjoy the scenery. To go places you’ve never gone before! And to do all these things – in comfort. And that means you have to find the right vehicle to travel in. Whether you’re the driver or the passenger, the right vehicle when traveling can make all the difference in the world.   Before you head off on your next journey, consider the following tips and advice to get you geared up for the optimal trip – check out any trade shows before deciding Read more [...]

Ford Fiesta – Fun to drive car!

Ford Motors produced the Fiesta sedan long back in 1976 and the car has now reached its seventh generation. Fiesta was first introduced in India almost a decade ago in the year 2005. It was the fifth generation model and it enjoyed decent sales then. The sixth generation came around in July 2011 with new looks and features at a lower price. The company then again revamped the Fiesta and the latest model was unveiled at the Indian Auto Expo 2014. This new Ford Fiesta is the first car from Ford to Read more [...]

Mercedes, Audi and BMW ‘downgrade’ to attract new customers of popular brands

Three new premium German cars and a single goal: the Mercedes-Benz CLA, Audi A3 Sedan and BMW Series 2 are postulated as three key innovations for their respective brands in the quest to compete in the mass market with brands such as Ford or Toyota to expand their range of customers. The test starts with CLA Mercedes-Benz, a pioneer in the revolutionary segment that combines the versatility of compact sedans with the sporty coupe design. Launched last September, the CLA has become a decisive actor, Read more [...]