Digital technology have maked financial struggles easier to manage

The world has been witnessing the great advancement in the technological arena with the ever-rising change in the digitalization. Owing to the rapid innovations and creativity that has been taking place almost on the daily basis; we tend to find the world a much easier and flexible place to live on. For an instance, you do not need to take a long walk or ride to visit your bank, as emergence and widespread chain of online and e-banking have made it possible for us to get into banking activities Read more [...]

Should You Lease or Buy Your Car?

Are you better off leasing or buying a new car? If you ask most people, they will probably tell you that purchasing your car is the way to go. From a financial perspective, this is true. Provided you are comfortable paying higher monthly repayments to pay off a loan and keep your car for the foreseeable future. On the other hand, leasing can provide a less expensive way to enjoy a top-of-the-range car. This is also a great option if you are the kind of person who likes to drive a new car every Read more [...]

Tips in Making a Good Investment in Auto Insurance

Owning a car entails both pleasure and responsibility. It gives convenience in accomplishing daily routine, such as family visits, shopping and commuting. However, there are several possible risks associated with owning a car. This includes vandalism, theft and accident. It is for the latter reasons that you need to protect your car by getting an auto insurance. Car insurance is also compulsory as it is required by government law. Finding auto insurance is a lot easier nowadays because there are Read more [...]

Is it really worth insuring your mobile phone?

These days, you will hardly find someone leaving their homes without playing a quick round of Angry Birds or checking their mails or looking up for reviews about the new restaurants. Thanks to the technological advancements since the last 5 years, that smartphone usage has gained huge momentum. However, apart from their impressive functions, smartphones also come with a pretty expensive price tag. Fortunately, most of these costs are all consumed by the carrier company. That $200 Android smartphone Read more [...]

Four Ways To Make Money Online

Everyone loves to learn of new ways to put money in their pockets.  The internet has completely changed the workforce since its creation.  Telecommuting jobs have blossomed in abundance over the past few years.  Crowdfunding sites are becoming a pivotal beginning to many people’s lifelong endeavors, and survey sites are always around if you have a free moment.  If you’re interested in opening up a whole new world of information that will help you generate income, then you’ve come to the Read more [...]

Don’t let Amazon’s decision leave your business up the creek without a paddle

Navigating international tax regimes is a tricky business at the best of times but any company involved in web-based trade overseas could well find their corporate tax affairs getting considerably more complicated. This following a major decision by global behemoth, Amazon, to change its policy with regard to international tax by recognising every sale as taking place in the country where the sale originates i.e. where the customer is. International tax experts at leading accountants, Baker Tilly, Read more [...]

How to Get Compensation for Air Travel Delays

If you experience an air travel delay, in most cases, you are absolutely eligible for some form of compensation. The key to success in getting what you are entitled to is to know your rights, and to be aware of any applicable laws and regulations which depend on where you depart from and on which airline you use. Even seasoned airline passengers that have been flying for years are often unaware that they can receive compensation for delays and other mishaps. How Much Can You Get? There are different Read more [...]

Why Contractors Should Never Charge by the Hour

Hoping to scale your business? Professionals like Rick Schaden know a lot about expanding a small business to become more and more profitable. As a freelancer, contractor, or consultant, consider switching from your old ways of billing by the hour. This is a great first step to making more and, in turn, investing more in your business. Billing by the hour is a strange way of approaching a project. Why? Professionals who are more seasoned and experienced will work more quickly than professionals Read more [...]

Give Your Budget a Spring Cleaning

When spring arrives, you may feel the need to plan a spring cleaning of your house. But do you know that your budget could benefit from a spring cleaning too? Keeping your budget scaled to meet your current needs is the best way to pay debt, save for the future and stay protected at an affordable price. Here are some areas of your budget where you can make a difference with a little effort. Analyze Your Current Spending If you are good at sticking with your budget, you know that your discretionary Read more [...]

A preview of next month’s US non-farm payrolls

The US non-farm payrolls data (NFP) for October will be released next month on November 7, at 13:30 GMT. As ever (except if it’s a US public holiday, when it moves to Thursday), it arrives on the first Friday of the month. The market consensus indicates that the NFP figure this time round will be around 274,000. This means that experts expect jobs to increase more this month than they did last: September’s figure was 248,000. Overall, NFP in 2014 has been strong. For August, though, a poor Read more [...]