How To Make Your Home Look Cozy All Year

Many of you probably think of homes as being cozy when it comes to winter weather, a roaring fire in the fireplace, and maybe a nice plush rug or blanket. Your home can be that cozy all year, of course you may not want a roaring fire when it’s 80-some degrees outside. You don’t need a warm fire in order to relax and feel cozy at home though. The Right Room Color Blue is one of the most relaxing color choices out there and is highly recommended by color experts, new age fanatics, and home designers Read more [...]

Some Of The Coolest Ways You Can Use Solar Power

How many times have you driven down the road and seen a yard full of solar panels, or at least a house with a few of them on the roof? It’s probably something you see a lot more now than you did a decade or two ago. Homes and businesses aren’t the only places where you may be seeing the power of the sun being put to use these days though. In fact, you might pass some solar power at the local park, while you are walking through a small tourist town, on your own gadgets, and more. Here are just Read more [...]

Tips For Protecting Your Home And Health In Bad Weather

When bad weather strikes you may have a lot of notice or you may only have a little. While you can watch the radar and the weather channel there’s really no promise a storm will hit your home, or any notice of how much damage you may get if it does stirk your home. That means it can be helpful to be prepared ahead of time. You don’t have to pretend the end of the world is coming in order to make sure your home and family are ready in case a weather disaster strikes. Preparing For The Worst It Read more [...]

5 Tips To Modernize Home Improvement Projects

At some point in your life, you’re going to run into the home improvement conundrum. Basically, what’s going to happen is that you know you want to improve something, but whenever you imagine what you want to do, you end up thinking of the same old things. So, to modernize your next home improvement project, here are five tips to get you thinking outside of your normal box – look for inspiration in new places outside of your typical comfort zone, think backwards from detail work instead Read more [...]

Three Ways To Reduce Waste In Your Home

People make a lot of garbage. There are so many things that you buy that create waste. If you’ve been trying to think of ways to use less, it’s likely you’ve come up with things like composting, recycling, and using reusable bags. Those are all great ideas, but there are so many more ways to cut down on your trash. There is one family that fits all of their trash for a year in one glass jar! Even if you aren’t ready to reduce that far, you could still quit putting more than one trash bag Read more [...]
Couple painting home interior

3 Instances of Why You Shouldn’t DIY

Thanks to the popularity of the DIY Network, HGTV, and YouTube videos, many homeowners are starting to take household projects into their own hands instead of calling in a professional like those at Roofs By Rodger. Opting to do projects yourself has a variety of benefits for the homeowner. It usually costs less since you don’t have to pay for labor and only need to pay for materials. It can improve your own handyman-like skills. And it allows you to make the ultimate decisions instead of relying Read more [...]
Woman holding paintbrush with blue paint

Some Tips For Unique Luxury Home Renovations

There is no better way to make a house a home than to remodel it from start to finish to your liking. A luxury home renovation is one in which the design elements are focused on making your home into a singular and breathtaking residence unlike any other. There are various ways to approach having your home renovated. Read on for tips on which style will best suit your vision. One luxury home renovation option is to improve the space and functionality of your home  through a modern design. This Read more [...]

How to Build a Tool Box from Scratch

Every household needs a toolbox, but not everyone is savvy about tools. If you rank amongst the clueless, don’t worry. We’ve devised a list of tips, pointers, and must-haves so that you’ll never be stuck without an essential tool. 1. Hammers This may seem like an obvious toolbox necessity, but it’s important to know that hammers come in a variety of sizes and are good for a variety of uses. So, having a standard use hammer is good, but it’s also useful to have a sledgehammer (for Read more [...]

More Luxury Apartments Coming to the Queen City

The apartment market in Charlotte is booming. According to a recent article from The Charlotte Observer, around 10,400 new apartment units have been developed in the Uptown Charlotte area. That is a whole lot of apartments! A trend in some of the new projects being developed focuses on luxury apartment spaces, with finishes like high-quality kitchen appliances and quartz or granite countertops. But why make the investment to include high-end finishes on apartments that will just be rented? Developers Read more [...]

Top 5 Gadgets Every Home Needs

There are probably plenty of things on your home gadget wish-list, but not all of them are necessary. For example, you might covet a 52” surround sound flat screen TV and a MacBook, but can’t afford them. And who wouldn’t want a top-of-the-range espresso maker or food processor that does everything but clean up the kitchen for you? However, as desirable as all of these gadgets might be, there are a few things that every home really should have, no matter what your budget is – so what are Read more [...]