How to Find a Good Engineer!

Whether you're interested in hiring an engineer for a one-off job or for a full-time contract, Yigang Tang has tips to discover a few insightful tips on how to find a great engineer. How to find a good engineer: 1. Use LinkedIn to check the credentials of engineers in your area One way to find a good engineer is to use the popular website LinkedIn to check the credentials of all of the engineers in your area. LinkedIn works as a sort of online resume and for each engineer whose profile you'll Read more [...]

What Benefits Are There To A Teaching Job

In many areas of the country there is a worrying lack of teachers and it is something which the authorities are working hard to remedy. Education offers a great career for many, and there are a great deal of benefits to the specific role of teaching. I spoke recently with the educational mastermind Kevin Rolle, Chairman of Alabama University and a man who has dedicated his life to education. We spoke at length about how the country can urge more people to take on teaching as a profession and the Read more [...]