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How to Get Compensation for Air Travel Delays

If you experience an air travel delay, in most cases, you are absolutely eligible for some form of compensation. The key to success in getting what you are entitled to is to know your rights, and to be aware of any applicable laws and regulations which depend on where you depart from and on which airline you use. Even seasoned airline passengers that have been flying for years are often unaware that they can receive compensation for delays and other mishaps. How Much Can You Get? There are different Read more […]

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The need for legal expertise in a global arena

Today’s business world keeps growing bigger and bigger every day. One thing that makes a major difference is the fact that so many businesses have a global presence. While a global presence increases a company’s sales by a large margin, it also makes a major difference in financial and legal issues.  There is a real need for legal consultants who specialize in finance and commercial law. Shahram Shirkhani is an example of a professional who has this level of expertise. These consultants provide Read more […]

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