The best things to do with a big lottery win

Winning millions of dollars on the Powerball or other major lottery game is something that many people dream about every day. It’s common to spend those endless mornings stuck in traffic or those evenings on the bus home from work dreaming about what you’d do if you won the lottery, and everyone has a slightly different answer. But with many lottery winners choosing broadly the same options, there’s a clear trend. Here are five major options that people go for when they’re lucky enough to Read more [...]

Student Tenancy Rights: What You Need to Know

Heading to University is probably the most equally exciting and daunting thing you can do. The start of an adventure and your next chapter in life, there’s nothing better than finally having your own freedom and space. However, with the freedom comes a lot of responsibility. One big thing that catches a lot of students out is that you can end up getting stung by rogue landlords. If you don’t know exactly what your rights are as a student tenant you can be taken advantage of by landlords that Read more [...]

Crime Stats From Across The Country

Every year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation releases felony statistics concerning crimes across the entire nation. While some of the statistics are dry and mundane, many of them are very interesting and give the reader food for thought. For instance: 1. 1,197,704 were committed during the entire year. While this was slightly higher than the previous year, the number was lower than in any other year over the past decade. Among those crimes an estimated 15,696 were murders, 90,185 were Read more [...]

The power of public records search services for the family tree enthusiast

Several years ago, working on a family tree was almost like a full-time job. Depending on the extent of your family, it could very well have involved jetting all over the world and trying to pull out official records whenever possible. Then, the internet arrived. To say that this changed the face of the family tree would be an understatement. While we don't have any statistics to hand, there's no doubt that it's suddenly become much easier and we would imagine that more and more people are tapping Read more [...]

The 3-prong approach to finding long, lost relatives

In truth, it doesn’t matter if it’s long, lost relatives or friends – the frustrations in finding someone you have lost contact with can be immense. Once upon a time you may have had to rely on a private investigator to help your plight. Fortunately, nowadays such costly solutions aren’t always necessary, with the internet helping in this regard a lot. The purpose of today’s post is to take a look at three of the best ways of using the internet to find someone who you have lost contact Read more [...]

Bob Mims Memphis on Choosing Golf Clubs for Kids

Very few people see golf as a child’s game. Rather, they imagine a big CFO or the leader of some sort of community foundation, a millionaire or a Hollywood celebrity, and more of those types of individuals to play it. At a push, they can imagine someone a university student to pick up the game, being given their first clubs from a wealthy parent. If this is how you also see things, then Bob Mims Memphis has got news for you, and that is that anyone can play golf, regardless of age. In fact, he Read more [...]

8 Figure Lifestyle – Lessons on the Drive to Succeed

Have you ever wondered why some people are so motivated to succeed? Why is it that when everyone else is comfortable with a good paying job, an average home and a decent car, there are others who are extremely motivated to have so much more? While you are mowing the lawn, taking an afternoon nap, or watching your favorite television show, these super-motivated people are taking online classes, writing business plans, understanding the inner workings of an industry, and looking how to make an impact Read more [...]

These Methods Will Help Increase the Lifespan of Semi-Dried Tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes taste good. They last longer and they can be used in various recipes. They are also easy to store. If you decide to use them at home or for your food business, it is a good idea. The fact that they don’t easily spoil is practical. When storing these dried tomatoes, use airtight containers. This includes zipped plastic bags, jars, and other plastic containers. You can also use decorative jars made of porcelain if you want. If possible, use smaller containers. When there is less Read more [...]

Advantages of Having Someone at Home to Take Care of the Elderly with Dementia

It is not easy living with a parent or a grandparent suffering from dementia. They have unique needs and they require closer attention. There are millions of people around the world who have been diagnosed with dementia or are yet to be diagnosed. For someone like you who is raising kids and taking care of an elderly relative with dementia, it is too much. Add to that the fact that you are also working to provide for the needs of the family. Either your career or family will suffer in the process. Read more [...]

Chilly Gonzales: Chameleon Of The Canadian Music Scene

Of any Canadian musician who is currently active, the most difficult to pin down – and perhaps the most intriguing – is a fellow by the name of Jason Beck, aka Chilly Gonzales. While most people are unfamiliar with Chilly's solo albums, they've likely been privy to his musical stylings by way of his production work on Leslie Feist's albums. Feist'sThe Reminder was a massive commercial success and her follow-up album, Metals, won the prestigious Polaris music prize in 2012; Gonzales had hand in Read more [...]