Does Your Website Have These 6 Essential Elements?

Having a website is one thing; having one that truly works for your business is something else. Here are just some of the essential elements a truly productive website should include. 1. Click-to-Call for your Company's Phone Number As people browsing using smartphones continues to become the norm, being able to simply tap the screen and call your company will generate greater interest, interaction with potential clients, and ultimately, sales and profits. 2. Promote Customer Testimonials and Read more [...]

Things You Need to Know about Web Design Pricing

If you are new to using the services of web designers, see what web design in Oxford can offer. One thing you may notice however in most web design agencies is that it’s very rare for them to outright present the prices of their services. You don’t see their websites showing details of their service rates. What’s the reason for this? Learn about the dynamics of web design pricing and more in the discussion below. Prices Vary and You Can Negotiate Web design pricing varies depending on a number Read more [...]

Four Ways To Make Money Online

Everyone loves to learn of new ways to put money in their pockets.  The internet has completely changed the workforce since its creation.  Telecommuting jobs have blossomed in abundance over the past few years.  Crowdfunding sites are becoming a pivotal beginning to many people’s lifelong endeavors, and survey sites are always around if you have a free moment.  If you’re interested in opening up a whole new world of information that will help you generate income, then you’ve come to the Read more [...]