Choosing the Best Grain Free Dog Food for Your Pet

Many humans are choosing grain free diets for themselves directly because they have an allergy, celiac disease or intolerance toward grain, or indirectly having chosen a Paleo or Keto diet to manage their health or weight.  But did you know dog’s can greatly benefit from the best grain free dog food as well?

Why is the Best Grain Free Dog Food Good for Your Dog?

Eliminating grain from diet can be as beneficial for dogs as it can for humans, because there are many health benefits to the dog food formulas created to eradicate grain, and also because like humans, many dogs have an intolerance or allergy to grain.

The food ingredients dogs are most insensitive to are soy, wheat gluten, corn, potatoes and chicken.  Look at most mainstream dog food brands and you will find that many of them include one or more of these products.  Grains in particular are included in most dog foods because they are a cheap and filling source of carbohydrate and fiber to fill out the can, sachet or pouch.

You may have asked your vet several times about skin irritations, digestive system issues such as flatulence, vomiting, bloating or lack of appetite, but may not have received the answers you were looking for.  These common ailments many dogs suffer from are likely linked to food intolerances and allergies common across most dog breeds.  By eliminating these five main allergens from your dogs diet you will likely find that their health improves, their energy levels increase, digestive health improves dramatically and they’re generally happier than they were before.

The other factor as well as intolerances is that grain free dog foods are formulated in line with the dietary requirements of dogs rather than on the basis of cost.  By eliminating grains, and other carbohydrates, and replacing these with high quality proteins, the dogs dietary needs are better met.  This should result on them feeling fuller for longer, having more energy, and having a healthier weight.  By shedding extra pounds other health risks are also avoided.

Dog foods higher in protein provide the necessary nutrients to promote a shinier coat, healthier skin, stronger bones and muscles, and a strengthened immune system.

Grain free dog foods are easier on the dog’s gastrointestinal system, and therefore should alleviate flatulence and bad breath, which tend to be the result of poor digestion.  A healthier digestion means they will eat less often, and derive more calories and therefore energy from the food that the do intake.

So there is no doubt that if your dog is suffering from general bad health, that switching to a grain free diet could resolve these issues.  Please bear in mind though that dogs don’t react well physiologically or emotionally to an immediate change in diet, so for a period of several weeks slowly mix in more and more of the new food with their normal food, until you have eventually replaced it with their new grain free dog food.


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