Choosing the Right Hosting Plan for your Business

When businesses get online, there’s a wealth of benefits to enjoy. Not only is there the benefits of networking, creating more customers and providing a new way to sell items; the internet is one of the more powerful sharing tools there is. Many businesses find setting up a website can really help put them on the map.

In the case of a small business setting up a website, there are relatively simple ways of doing so. Some may choose to pick a free website provider, but the potential of these is very small. To have full interactivity and pick design and content, it’s best to go for a hosting plan.

Traffic terms

When choosing a website hosting company, it’s important to take into account how much traffic a small business thinks their website would attract.

Higher bandwidths are certainly required to deal with more traffic; but at the start, it’s probably best to start small and get more of an idea of traffic numbers as the months pass by. Google analytics comes in handy for this.

Business Intelligence - Courtesy of Shutterstock
Business Intelligence – Courtesy of Shutterstock

If you’re just starting out on eCommerce here are some useful tips.

Types of hosting

Quite simply, in order for a website to stay live, it must be stored on a physical server which is kept on perpetually. You are paying for a space on that server.

Before taking the plunge and choosing a provider, you need to know exactly what is on offer.

Three are three main types of hosting that need to be considered.

Dedicated servers – This is most expensive choice of hosting, and offers a full server rather than part of one. It’s better for large businesses as it accommodates a lot of traffic, but if there is no developer on board it’s far too difficult to build a site from scratch.

Dedicated servers allow full control of the hosting space. It’s often the choice of companies which contain sensitive material, as the resources are not shared with other clients.

Virtual private servers – This is often the domain type of choice for small businesses just starting out on the internet. With a relatively low cost and it being pretty simple to amend if more bandwidth is needed, it’s the most popular choice.

Many domain providers offer an easy setup and can offer website building tools to let you hit the ground running.

Shared hosting – the cheapest option, shared hosting allows multiple customers to share one server. This is perfectly adequate for small sites, but if there is a spike of traffic the entire server bandwidth cannot handle it. This is why it’s not a good option if you’re expecting a lot of traffic.

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