Color Wholesale Printing

Color wholesale printing is beneficial for every entrepreneur for advertising and promoting their products and services. Wholesale printing is a medium which can create any type of material which a small scale business and a short term business can easily afford. There are several printing services that are available in the market today, such as brochures, banners, business cards, booklets, calendars, CD/DVD covers and a lot more.


For availing these services you just have to make sure that the company you choose is the best and provide efficient services. Choosing an efficient and suitable company doesn’t complete your task. You must ensure that an efficient wholesale printing company (you choose) offers you the following:

· Meticulous design

· Durability

· Water resistance

· Crystal clear quality

· Durability

· Use of best quality colors and ink

An efficient wholesale printing company meets the customer needs and expectations by providing them the following:

· Free estimates

· Server to upload any file

· Allowing them to pay online by different modes of payment

Before choosing the best wholesale printing company you can use the following factors to judge the values of that company:

· Quality of the paper or paper weight: Printing is both visual and tangible. Even a strong design can also fail if it is printed on the low quality, thin paper. By selecting the low quality paper you could lose the interest of customers. For brochures and booklets use 100 Lb gloss book and for cards use 14 or 16 pt gloss.

· Brightness of the paper: brightness of the paper is measured by its ability to reflect the light. Coated papers are available in 5 grades. 1st grade paper is of superior quality and is bright white, where as 5th grade paper is of dull quality. Grade 2 and 3 papers have 90% brightness and are considered to be best in quality, price and value. Be sure to ask for the paper grade before hiring the company for printing.

· Free provisions of online digital proofs: The printing company gives the last chance to find the errors before printing and this service is provided to the customers free of cost. If any company is charging even the small amount say $5, then you must find another company. The digital proofs are included in the job price only.

The above mentioned points will help you to choose the cost efficient and genuine wholesale printing company.

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