Columbus: America’s Best Kept Secret Destination

I’ve often said that Columbus is a great city for college students, families, and those looking for a quirky, alternative city. Though Ohio’s capital doesn’t have the same name equity as some “peer cities” across the United States (think Austin, Portland, etc.), Columbus has a lot of personality that continues to attract people every year.

There’s no better time to explore Columbus than in the fall – and it has nothing to do with collegiate football. In fact, the football season gives visitors an incredible opportunity to visit the city without added distraction and with minimal crowds. Here are three solid reasons why Columbus should be on your must visit list this fall – or any fall!

Incredibly Affordable Destination City

Even during football season, Columbus remains one of the most budget-friendly destination cities across the Untied States. With a continual stream of people coming in for a multitude of reasons, you’ll have no problem finding a great hotel in Columbus at an even better price.

Why do we have so many hotel rooms to offer? In addition to being one of the most intelligent cities in the world, Columbus has the sixth largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the United States. With so much business, it’s no wonder so many hotel rooms are available.

More than Cornfields and Football

It’s easy to get caught up in the university or business life that introduces so many to the city. But Columbus – the 15th largest city in the U.S. – offers so much more than many realize.

In addition to award-winning education, research, and business facilities, Columbus also boasts many top resources across multiple categories. Included in the city’s top honors are the Best Zoo in the United States, the Best Public Library in the United States, and Columbus ranks as one of the top technology cities of the future.

But it’s not just the affordability, great hotels, and a bright future that keep people in town. Every neighborhood offers a unique charm that keeps people wanting more. Spend the night at Gallery Hop in the Short North, take in a show at the Palace Theatre, grab a drink at the quirky bars Downtown, wake up to fresh roasted coffee in Grandview, and you’ll understand why the locals wouldn’t want to call anywhere else home.

Make Your Plans to Visit Columbus Today!

In short: if you’ve never visited Columbus, start making your plans today! There’s plenty of cheap flights into Port Columbus International Airport on, and so much to see and do before fall ends. Have you recently made a trip to Columbus? Be sure to share your top must-see experiences below!

About the Author: Joe Cortez is an award-winning travel and lifestyle writer who spends his time chasing the travel bug across North America and Europe! When not on an airplane, Joe can be found on a golf course, in an international pub, or writing about his favorite places on his blog, Tagging Miles.

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