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Combining Art and Business: A New Culture

When you think of an artist, you probably don’t think of a three piece suit and invitations to power lunches. You might think of a person with wild hair and paint-stained clothing, who lives dramatically and with flair. More likely than not, that stereotype is probably wrong. Today’s artist aren’t so radically different than you are. And, they are working more and more with traditional businesses to create a win-win situation for both entities.

Joint Ventures

Images are hard to create in both the business and art worlds. Because both parties must protect that hard work, combining forces is sometimes difficult. Each party has to understand and embrace the potential for risks to allow something really impressive to happen. The artist and the business owner need to meet; their “people” shouldn’t meet,  but the actual key players must meet, in person, if at all possible.

Self-awareness is arguably the most important part of working together. With the knowledge of what they believe and what they stand for, and with the understanding of what their image is, both the artist and the business leader to come to the collaboration with a full understanding of what they represent and what they stand for; combined, this leads to the ability to reach common ground. It’s this common ground that allows such seemingly opposites to work together. One point of common ground can often be the basis of many commonalities.

David “Lebo” Le Batard and Yoga Mats

Lebo, who is known for his post-modern cartoon expressionism,  is an artist that enjoys working out. He loves yoga and enjoys at least five to ten hours of physical activity per week. He may choose to be skating, stand-up paddling, hand balancing or even bodyweight training at any point during that time. His love of nutrition and physical fitness sustain him during the rigorous painting sessions he takes part in.

When given the opportunity to work with Lululemon Athletica, Lebo was thrilled. He was very honored that they selected him to work with. According to a blog post from Park West Gallery, “For Miami-based artist David “Lebo” Le Batard, it wasn’t much of a stretch to lend his artistic talents to yoga-inspired athletic apparel company Lululemon Athletica.”  Lebo was asked by Lululemon to create a painting that reads, “inhale the pure salt air,” which is part of the company’s manifesto. He also created special yoga mats for Lululemon.

Those yoga mats weren’t his first attempt, either. Lebo created an original mat for YogArt in 2012. The mat was auctioned off; proceeds went to benefit the Design Architecture Senior High of South Florida.

In addition to Lululemon and YogArt, Lebo has worked with other businesses. Those include Microsoft, Macy’s Inc, Adidas, Google, ESPN, and Harley Davidson. The hull of a cruiseliner even carries his art.

Romero Britto: Art Cars

Art cars give artists an opportunity to decorate an actual working vehicle. Clearly Romero Britto loves to create art cars; his art are fun and bright. Britto is a Brazilian-American Neo-pop artist who absolutely loves to create and is well known for his bright colors. In addition to his work on cars, he’s also a sculptor, serigrapher and painter.

Champion Motorsport commissioned his work on a Porsche 911. Clearly it shows Britto’s love of color and bold design. BMW’s Mini Cooper seems like the perfect canvas for his designs. Britto has also painted a taxi that works in Berlin, London and Paris. Volvo and Bentley have also had him create for them. His happy art cars help both the companies he works with, and the artist himself.

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