Criminal assault and their types

A crime of assault in Colorado is major problem faced by the locals due to various illegal activities. Criminal assault is an intentional, reckless, act of knowing crime done on the other person, resulting in bodily injury or threatening.

Assault is stated in three categories. An assault can be a felony. It is treated as a misdemeanour as used as violence against other people. The act of inflicting harm to other persons is known as criminal assault.

In addition to the above, here is a list of different types of assaults.

This category is divided into three sections:


In simple assault, it is the minor assault, where a person recklessly or knowingly tries to damage as well as assaulting a person’s body. However, in this type of assault, no weapon is used. Similarly, it just involves minor harms and physical injuries.

Sometimes it’s just a life-threating call. This type of crime of assault in Colorado is quite famous. As an offense, there is one-year imprisonment as well as a fine.


Aggravated is quite different from the simple assault. Above all, it is a more vigorous and serious assault. Aggravated assault is divided into several categories. All the punishment is declared to keep the categories and finding the correct degree or classes that matched with the case.

In aggravated assault, there is a use of arms or a deadly weapon. This weapon can be a bat, kitchen knife, motor vehicle, and gun. The penalties of the case depend on the victim’s status and its injury. These injuries can be permanent or temporary.

Also, an Assault act against any public officials is considered a felony, these officials can be policemen, firemen, judges, public servants, and others. No matter minor or major injury but is considered as an aggravated assault against them.


Sexual assault is the activity that involves a forceful establishment of sexual penetration without any consent. It is also known as rape. Sexual assault is done forcefully and sometimes it tends to end as a murder.

Anyone can be charged in sexual assault if they try to persuade the action unwillingly. Even this applies to a husband. A husband can also be charged for sexual abuse and assault.

Above all, there are other assaults also that you should know about it.

Verbal assault: As the name sounds, a verbal assault is a non-physical, oral type assault.  That results in mental and psychological trauma to a victim.

Felonious assault: Felonious assault is considered a type of attack where it is performed forcefully as a result of physical injury. This type of attack is also similar to the aggravated attack. But there is no need for a gun or other weapons. Simple fistfight, feet, or hand is also considered as the felonious attack.

Well if you find that you’ve been compromised with any of the above assault do contact your lawyer and local police. Stay safe.


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