Danny Boice – What Can and What Can’t Private Investigators Do?

Have you ever wondered what the role of a private investigator is like? Well if so then this is an article which you are bound to enjoy. We spoke to the wonderful private investigator Danny Boice who, alongside his partner Jennifer Mellon work for the formidable company Trustify. This brilliant company seeks to put clients in touch with the very best private investigators for affordable and efficient services. I was speaking with Danny last week and finding out more about his line of work, and I was curious about what people like Danny Boice and Jennifer Mellon can and cannot do.

Breaking the Law?

Contrary to what the television may have you believe private investigators are not above the law and they also must work within its confines. Admittedly there are some activities which a private investigator will carry out that may appear to be breaking the law to the rest of us, but the actually reality of it is that they know the law far better than we do and that is how they can always stay under it.


The term stalking is the illegal following of someone and it is very different from the type of following that a private investigator will do. A private investigator like Danny Boice will specialize in surveillance, a far cry from the illegal practice of stalking. In fact this forms the largest part of many private investigator’s day to day jobs, usually at the behest of a suspicious spouse or partner.

Can The Track GPS?

Tracking via GPS can only be done if the person who owns the device or the location of the device has given permission. Take the example above of a worried spouse, if a husband suspects his wife of infidelity and she is driving in a car of which the husband is the title holder, he can authorize the PI to track the GPS.

Hack Phones/Social Media?

Hacking is completely illegal in all of its forms and as such this is not something which a private investigator is allowed to do. Many people ask private investigators for this service but naturally it is something which they will never offer, even if they did know how.

Obtain Bank Records?

If a private investigator is working on a case alongside an attorney then technical yes they would be able to obtain bank records. This however is the only exception to this rule and in the main the answer would be no, that a private investigator is not allowed to gain access to private information such as bank statements, balances and activity.

The role of a private investigator is a very privileged one and that is why they must always act within the law. These men and women know the law extremely well so they are always aware of what they can and cannot do.

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