David Serna Lawyer on Finding the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

We get asked loads of legal questions here and so we are trying to make a blog post answering as many of them as we can. Today we are going to focus on those people asking us what they should look for in a criminal defense lawyer. To assist us in our answer we caught up with David Serna lawyer here in New Mexico and widely considered the number 1 criminal lawyer specialist in the state and beyond. Some ask us when they should look to find a criminal defense lawyer and the answer to that is the moment that you have been formally charged with a crime.  once that happens here are some of the attributes which you should be looking for in a criminal defense attorney.




When you meet with ac criminal defense attorney you need to feel that they are confident that they can build a solidi case for you. If you meet any lawyer who tells you that they can guarantee that you’ll win the case then alarm bells should start to ring. No lawyer should ever offer guarantees about cases because there are none, the other legal team could have an ace up their sleep which nobody knows about which is why the best that you can hope for is a confident attorney who promises that they can build a solid case for you.


Great Reputation


Another key aspect of finding a good criminal defense attorney is that they have a strong reputation to back them up. Reputations are difficult to earn in the legal world which means that if you can find a criminal defense attorney who does have a strong reputation, they must have worked damn hard for it and they will be deserving of it. A lawyer with a good reputation means that you are in good hands.




There needs to be a realism about your search for a criminal defense attorney, seeking out the best in the country when you cannot afford it is a waste of time and effort. Think about how much money you have to spend and what kind of attorney you need, then seek out the best attorney which you can find for your case, based on what you can afford to pay out.




It;Its going to be really important that you not only find a criminal defense lawyer who is a specialist in that branch of the law, but also that you find one with experience of cases specifically like yours. You may find a great attorney who has no experience at all in cases of criminal damage for example, if your case does relate to this then they may not be the best person for the job. Drill down into the specifics and make sure that you find someone with great experience in the case which you have in front of you.


You’ll be in a rush to find your criminal defense attorney but that is no reason not to work hard to get the right person for the job.

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