Discovering Newark: It’s Actually Kind of Awesome

It’s common for Newark, New Jersey to get a bad rap. Perhaps that’s because many people only see the airport – which is admittedly not the most appealing in the world. If you give Newark a chance, however, you might be pleasantly surprised. This city has more than a handful of lesser known delights for you to discover. Here are some that you don’t want to miss.

Cheap Hotels

No one is saying that you should avoid the big-ticket attractions in NYC and Jersey City, but those kind of attractions rarely come cheap. When you add the cost of a New York hotel into the mix, your budget quickly creeps skyward. A good way to save money on your trip to the East Coast is to look for a Newark hotel on such as the Holiday Inn Newark Airport or the Hilton Newark Penn Station. Frequent Amtrak and AirTrain services from Newark will have you in NYC in about 30 minutes.

Vibrant Downtown



Image via Flickr by Ken Lund

You might be surprised to hear that Newark is home to a vibrant downtown district all its own. Not only that, it is the largest district of its kind in New Jersey. Along with multiple businesses, this area is home to attractions such as the Newark Symphony Hall, Four Corners, and the Prudential Center. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center draws a theater crowd who often stick around after the show to enjoy the cluster of galleries and restaurants in the area.

Unique Neighborhoods

If you fancy a break from the hustle and bustle of downtown, you will find that Newark has several unique neighborhoods that are ripe for discovery. Forest Hill is worth a look. This historic neighborhood features large Victorian homes and is ideally located near the Jewish Museum of New Jersey. Better still, hotels near Forest Hill are about as cheap as they come. You can also pay a visit to the fashionable Vailsburg and admire Lincoln Park’s brownstones.

Tempting Dining

Whether you prefer fine dining or a casual eatery, Newark has restaurants to suit. The Ironbound District is perhaps best known for its Portuguese offerings, although the New York Times chose to feature some of the more recent arrivals such as Catas and Manu’s Sushi Lounge in a piece about Newark restaurants. You will also want to head to Halsey Street in downtown to discover the likes of Art Kitchen and 27 Mix.

Gorgeous Green Spaces

Newark is about so much more than buildings and businesses. The city also boasts an array of green spaces that are difficult to beat. Branch Brook Park – home of the Cherry Blossom Festival – is among the best known, but you should also take a little time to discover the Lenape Trail. If you stick to it long enough, you will experience the beautiful Passaic Meadows and the Watchung Mountains. The views there of the NYC and NJ skylines will stay with you for a long time.

Ready to discover Newark? You can find out more about Newark hotels on Hipmunk. Perhaps you have already experienced this city and have your own travel tips? Why not share your stories with like-minded travelers by leaving your comments below?

Author Bio: Linda Forshaw likes to write about local haunts and far-flung places. She lives in Liverpool, England, and spends her free time exploring new places, going to live gigs, and planning her next adventure. She is currently writing for the #HipmunkCityLove project.

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