Does Your Website Have These 6 Essential Elements?

Having a website is one thing; having one that truly works for your business is something else. Here are just some of the essential elements a truly productive website should include.

1. Click-to-Call for your Company’s Phone Number

As people browsing using smartphones continues to become the norm, being able to simply tap the screen and call your company will generate greater interest, interaction with potential clients, and ultimately, sales and profits.

2. Promote Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

Do not brag about how big you are. Instead, let your customers boast about you. The most powerful method to inform your potential customers how wonderful your company, and your products are, is by using the words of current and past satisfied customers. You can also use case studies and success stories to show that you deliver measurable results and real benefits.

3. Encourage Visitors to give Feedback on Your Site

You can get insight into what works and what doesn’t regarding your site as well as generating better testimonials if you have an easy-to-find suggestion form on your site so that visitors can comment. You can even offer a gift or some other incentive to share valuable information.

4. Your Website Should Contain Key Words

Natural strategies for search engine optimization (SEO) are essential for your website to receive more traffic. Be clear about the latest Google updates to improve the effectiveness of your website. And ensure you have identified the main keywords for your product and niche, for best results.

5. Have Links to Other Relevant Websites

It is important to add links that can help you obtain better search engine rankings and make your website gain authority as a valued resource. Consider what external sources would be useful, and appreciated by visitors to your site.

6. Use an Optimized Mobile Design (Responsive)

Consumers nowadays are browsing the internet and obviously websites using not only desktop PCs, but also laptops, smartphones and tablets. This is why your site must be coded to adapt to all types of devices. According to experts in web design in Bristol, if it is not, then people know that your company is lagging behind, and most likely will choose to do business with a competitor who is more up to date and whose website provides a better user experience.

Your website is one of your most valued business resources, if it is correctly designed and optimized to work for you. Through it you can send the right message to visitors about your business, gather useful and insightful data, and provide a rich and satisfying user experience which will keep people coming back to your site and buying from your business again and again.

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