Do’s and Don’ts of plastic surgery

In todays society plastic surgery is basically a normal way of life. If there’s something we don’t like about ourselves, we can change it. When we look through magazines, watch movies, or social media it’s everywhere. Surely most of us at one time or another have considered it. We’ve looked into the cost, who to see, where to go, what to change. BUT. There are things that you should look into before drastically changing your appearance.

  1. Have Realistic Expectations (Do this)

Depending on the procedure that you’re about to have done focus on what the goal is for yourself. Don’t think you’re going in and coming out a completely different person. Depending on which surgery you are contemplating, keep note that you’re coming out a different version of yourself. Don’t expect yourself to look like JLo, or Jennifer Aniston, you’re still you. Just the more you that you would like to see in the mirror.

  1. Maintain a Weight (Do this)

When you maintain your weight prior to surgery you are able to see over all success. Any weight gained after surgery can cause unforeseen circumstances that will not be beneficial to the outcome you would like to see in yourself.

  1. Be Prepared to Take Time Off (Do this)

When it comes to plastic surgery make sure you set out to have the appropriate time away from daily life. Get someone to help you with usual day to day tasks anywhere from 1 – 3 weeks. This way you can give yourself the time to heal and no one will notice you’ve had anything done.

  1. Give Yourself Time to See Results

It can take up to six months before you see the results you desire. This is because of the swelling that will continue where you’ve had the procedure done. Although no one else will notice, you certainly will because who else knows your body better than you?

  1. Stay Away from Smoking, Alcohol, and Blood Thinners (Don’t do this)

Taking any of the above will seriously jeopardize your recovery process. Avoid alcohol, smoking, advil, ibprohpens, these are all preventers of the healing process.

  1. Looking in the Mirror Constantly (Don’t do this)

Although we all want instant gratification, it’s not going to happen any faster if you keep checking 100x a day. When you do this it’ll make your recovery seem even longer, just let the magic happen and give it, it’s space.

  1. Your Family and Friends Think They Know Best (Don’t do this)

Even though they’re just trying to help, don’t let them be a third doctor. Although they have your best interest at heart just take a step back and focus on how you think and are feeling.

  1. The Issues You Notice Now Were There Before (Don’t do this)

Some of the times what happens after surgery patients will come in with a complaint that the surgery has cause issues elsewhere. Example: You get a nose job, and notice wrinkles around your eyes. What happens with most people is we see a major flaw, and we fix it, then we notice more flaws. The doctor will take a before and after photo for you to insure this is something you had before surgery.

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