Eating and Driving Causes Car Wrecks Too

Reaction and Response Time

Just like with drinking and driving, eating and driving shortens your reaction and response time. The choices you make in mere seconds can predict whether or not you will have an accident or whether you will avoid it. If you are holding a hamburger and your hand is not on the steering wheel, you could miss those crucial seconds that could determine your fate. Because eating and drinking shortens your reaction time, you are putting yourself in a very dangerous position.

How eating and driving Increase Statistics for an Accident

In general, as a driver on the road there are already statistics for having an accident. However, by eating and driving, the statistics for having an accident skyrocket. This is especially true during the morning and evening hours when commuters are either going to work or returning home from work. Hot coffee, soups, sandwiches and soft drinks may seem harmless but they increase your statistics for having an accident. It’s better to pull over to the side of the road, eat, and then get back on the road and finish the commute.

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