Eating and Driving Causes Car Wrecks Too

Major Distraction

There is already an increased risk for distraction when you are eating and driving, however, if you spill hot coffee or hot soup onto your lap as you are driving then you will be in a full panic. Chances are you will be so distracted by what just happened that you completely ignore the road and could head straight on into a car accident, or worse, a multiple car wreck. It’s not just that eating and driving are distractions from others on the road, they are also distractions from the driver’s actions. One spill of coffee could lead to swerving into another lane. At best you will be wearing your meal to work and at worse you will cause a great amount of pain to yourself and to others by getting into a car wreck.

Eating and driving may seem like a good idea at the time, but the cost of an accident far exceeds the time that is saved by eating in the car. Begin to plan your day the night before. Plan your meals and when you will eat them. Go grocery shopping and organize yourself daily. It is worth every effort to keep yourself and other safe. The convenience of eating and driving is simply not worth the disaster it might cause.

This article was contributed by Tulsa injury attorney Green Country Law, The law firm of Gorospe and Smith.

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