Effective Ways to Clean Silver Jewellery at Home

Silver pieces of jewellery have their own charm and characteristics. Some people prefer them over gold. There are different types of jewellery that are made of silver, and they can even be customised. Silver fingerprint jewellery is an example of the latter. Your fingerprint or that of your loved one can be turned into a design for the jewellery, for example, a necklace, bracelet, or charm.


Like any item that is made from silver, these pieces of jewellery may turn dull and tarnish over time. Some specialists provide cleaning services, but there are also things that you can do to clean your silver jewellery and bring back their shine and beauty. Below are some of the proven effective methods to achieve this.


Use baking soda


This ingredient is not just used for baking, but it’s also a popular item for cleaning. Place a layer of aluminium foil in a bowl; add boiling water and baking soda, enough to thoroughly soak the piece that you will clean. The ratio of baking soda and boiling water is one tablespoon to a cup. If the tarnish or discolouration is minimal, you will see an effect in as fast as one minute. Soak them longer (up to 10 minutes) if the stain or tarnish is more severe. Remove the jewellery from the bowl, rinse it with water, and dry using a clean cloth.


Clean with toothpaste


You now have another use for toothpaste aside from cleaning your teeth, as it can also make your silver jewellery squeaky clean. Apply a small amount of toothpaste to a sponge and use this to clean your silver piece. This may not efficiently remove dirt and tarnish in intricate areas. You may use a toothbrush to clean hard to reach spaces, but be very careful, because this may cause scratches on your jewellery.

Mix salt and lemon


Lemon adds zest to various recipes, and it can also be turned into a refreshing drink. This fruit and another common kitchen ingredient, which is salt, can work together and become a potent mix for cleaning pieces of silver jewellery. Get a bowl and mix hot water, salt, and lemon. Soak the items that you want to clean and let them stay there for around 5 minutes. Remove them from the mixture after the said duration and rub them using a soft clean cloth. If you have a silver cleaning cloth, this is preferred because it is more effective in quickly eliminating tarnish.


Soak in soda


Soda, Coca-Cola in particular, is another thing that you can use for cleaning your silver jewellery on your own. Pour soda in a bowl and let the jewellery soak for 10 minutes or so. Remove it from the container and clean using a soft cloth. You will see an improvement, although the result may not be as significant as the other methods shared.


Window cleaner and beer are other things that you can use for cleaning jewellery pieces. Clean them regularly to keep them looking their best.



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