Encouraging team cohesion through lunchroom design

Create an inspiring atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork in your workplace with dynamic lunchrooms.

Give your employees a comfortable and relaxing environment to spend their breaks and lunch times, and the results will surprise and impress you. With staff relaxing together, they will get the chance to discuss ideas and come together as a team – raising productivity throughout the entire workplace.

A space to be themselves

It is important for staff to be able to communicate and build friendships in a relaxing, inviting atmosphere. Breaks are vital for employees to unwind and shake off a little of the stress that may have been building up after a particularly hectic work morning. A calm atmosphere and the space for easy conversation can often lead to ‘eureka moments’ and solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

Designing the perfect staffroom

We can all picture the uninviting break room: dark, poorly ventilated, and full of the old furniture cast out by office management when they updated the rest of the office. For a break room to work optimally and bring out the best in employees, it should be kept as up-to-date as the rest of the office, and a good indoor environment with plenty of light, fresh air and a welcoming ambience is essential.

Don’t assume that you need to go crazy on expensive designer features and gadgets to achieve this warm, hospitable atmosphere. Make the place inviting with a wide, open counter space, free coffee (preferably from a machine that was manufactured this decade) and a bright, friendly decor that stands out as being less formal than the design in the rest of the office. Make decorations interesting and engaging for staff, giving them something to look at and maybe talk about.

Encourage communal lunch breaks

Should you opt for lots of smaller lunch tables or several larger ones? When it comes to teambuilding, less is definitely more. Smaller tables encourage intimacy and being alone, while longer tables gently urge employees to get together and eat lunch communally. A few large tables rather than many smaller ones will bring colleagues together in a less stressful setting than the workroom, as they engage with one another in an easy, natural way.

Comfort and relaxation

Comfortable seating helps workers relax, while stiff-backed chairs leave their users feeling – well, stiff. The upgrade to more expensive but more comfortable chairs is a worthwhile one. Try to leave room in the layout and the budget for some lounge pieces. The addition of a comfortable sofa or lounge set helps to create a picture of a place to unwind, especially if your employees work long hours and haven’t seen their own living room in a while. You could even consider a television, or a stack of magazines and newspapers, to keep your staff connected with world affairs and up-to-date on current events.

Some of the most productive work interactions take place quite by chance at break times, so help to build good employee relations and a healthy working environment with a lunchroom that will have your staff looking forward to their day at the office.

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