Enjoying Your Holiday This Summer

The sad truth is that summer holidays can be stressful. Planning them, budgeting for them, taking time off work and ensuring that that work is covered, and making travel arrangements are all extra stresses that can make you wonder if it’s worth taking a holiday at all!

Today we’re presenting you with a guide to enjoying your break this summer: having a holiday that doesn’t load you down with stress, and means you can return to real life relaxed, refreshed and ready to go!

Packing Carefully

There’s nothing worse than overpacking for a holiday and having to drag a heavy case with you through train stations and airports, paying extra baggage fees

If you’re going to spend a relaxing holiday sunbathing, consider cutting your packing down the bare minimum: toiletries, shorts and t-shirts, and some poolside slides footwear. This would allow you to keep your packing to a single backpack or carry-on bag, eliminating time spent in line waiting to check your luggage and saving you money!

Over-planning or Under-planning?

It sometimes feels like a holiday has to fall between these two extremes. If you don’t plan in advance then you might find you miss out on some of the things you want to do with your trip: missing out on the concert you wanted to go, or finding out too late that the museum you wanted to see is closed on the last day you have to visit it!

On the other hand, over-planning your trip can pile on the stress: it leaves you no room to be spontaneous, nor to simply do nothing and laze by the pool.

Try to strike a middle ground: identify the key things it’s vital for you to do on this trip, the sites you’ll be disappointed if you’re not able to see; restaurants you’re looking forward to eating at; trips you want to take or activities you want to do; beaches you want to swim at.

If you’re able to list the most important things, you can make time for them, book tickets where you have to, and make sure you know the opening hours where it’s relevant to avoid missing out. This still leaves you lots of time to discover new things, to be spontaneous, and to relax.

Remembering the Moment

Part of the joy of going on holiday is the memory you bring back with you: happy memories you can rely on to sustain you during more stressful times in the year. If you get too wrapped up in documenting your trip you might not fully enjoy the moment, but if you’re judicious about when and how you take your photos, they can contribute to your enjoyment, not detract from it and give you an anchor for your memories in the future.

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