Entrepreneurs Are Steadily Rebuilding Afghanistan

As everyone is surely aware, the great nation of Afghanistan has certainly fallen upon several generations of hard times. Since the Soviet invasion of 1979, the country has been torn by conflict. The brutal reign of the Taliban and the presence of hideous extremists, Osama bin Laden among them, have certainly done this ancient land no favors.
The Resurgence Of Civic And Economic Life
However, it is extremely important to point out that, even at its present low ebb, the nation of Afghanistan is not bereft of human resources. There is no shortage of people who are doing their utmost to restore the independence and civic life of this great and ancient nation. Even as the conflict rages on with no resolution in sight, there are people who are helping to lay the ground for a long term rehabilitation of the nation’s infrastructure and community life.
Restoring The Art Of Communication
Ehsan Bayat has been but one of the many native sons of Afghanistan who have returned to this ancient land to try to restore good order and civic life. In conjunction with a series of partners, Mr. Bayat has been instrumental in helping to launch Ariana Radio and Television, a communications network that currently reaches over 25 million people in the country.
Meanwhile, others are helping to restore the nation’s long beleaguered communications infrastructure. The country managed to initiate its first mobile communications network in 2002, although the vast majority of its citizens have yet to experience the full fruits of this milestone. However, cell phone and wireless service is slowly, but surely, making its presence felt throughout the length and breadth of the nation.
The Spirit Of Free Enterprise Will Conquer All Obstacles
While international aid is an excellent source of comfort to Afghanistan, the fact is that such noble efforts can only go so far. The natural pride and independence of the Afghan people is bound to assert itself and begin to apply the old adage that “The Lord helps those who help themselves.” The immortal spirit of free enterprise is strong within the Afghan people, and this spirit is being looked upon as its potential savior.
Sons Of The Nation Are Returning
Native sons of Afghanistan are the chief resource of the nation when it comes to the hope of restoring good order, commerce, and communications. Intellectuals and entrepreneurs who have been educated abroad are now returning to their native land in order to lend it the much needed aid of their knowledge and experience. With all of the expertise they have acquired, it is a question of when, not if, they will be allowed to do their part in restoring the shattered credibility and stability of their native land.
Humanitarian Goals And Private Profits
Afghanistan is the perfect example of a scenario in which the goals of humanitarian relief and private enterprise can be seen working side by side. For example, one of the greatest feats of native born Afghan entrepreneurs has been the greater freedom which they have been able to restore to their fellow citizens in the wake of the Taliban defeat.
This freedom applies not only to better living conditions, but also to the ability to have access to basic necessities of life, such as clean water, gainful employment, and basic services and utilities. Free enterprise is working wonders where military might has failed.
An Economic Resurgence Is On Its Way
In the end, all of the improvements that are coming to this war torn nation are attributable to the philanthropic and entrepreneurial efforts of native Afghan citizens, such as Mr. Bayat and many others, who are coming to the aid of their native land in its time of greatest needs. It is to them, and to the new generation of great commercial and economic master minds who will come after them, that the eventual resurgence of Afghanistan will be credited.

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