Excuses People Make for Not Recycling

Do you recycle? If you don’t, you are one of the many people around the world who don’t see the value of recycling. This is true especially if you can afford to buy new materials anyway. You think that there is no use in recycling materials.

You might also have a lot of excuses for why you don’t want to recycle. As you grow older, you have seen the impact of not recycling on the environment. You also understand pollution and the damage it brings to individuals and to society as a whole. Despite that, you are still too lazy to recycle.

Recycling is inconvenient

Who wants to segregate waste products into different categories? Who wants to take the recycled materials to a recycling facility or to clean them up to be used again at home? There are even places without pickup services available for waste products. Hence, people would rather not recycle so they can throw everything out at once.

There’s no space available at home for recycling

This is another excuse people make for not recycling. They say that their house is full and there is no space left for the recycling bins to be kept. They would rather place everything in one container and let the garbage truck collect the bin at once.

People only recycle when there is monetary equivalent

Money can’t buy everything but it can make people change their minds about recycling. This is sad but it happens. There are certain places in the world that are willing to pay people money to recycle. This is a good initiative, but this must not make people think that money is the only motivation to recycle.

Recycling does not create a difference

Yes, it is not easy seeing the impact of recycling right now. Any good action that you do has no immediate effect. This is the nature of human beings. They will only do something if they think they are instantly gratified. Without the said impact, they would rather go their own way.

Time for change

There are more excuses people make for not recycling. This is the sad reality right now. Even if we see the damage to the environment, we prefer turning a blind eye. This is not supposed to happen. Changes should be done to prevent further damage to the environment.

It is time to take the right steps and do something about this problem. You don’t feel the impact because you are in a nice place in a home that is in an affluent community. However, thousands of people around the world are currently feeling the impact.

To reduce your laziness, start with small steps. Using recycling machinery would be nice since the equipment does the classification for you. The service needs to be paid for, but at least you are doing something that is geared towards environmental protection.

You must start thinking of the future generation too. They should live in a wonderful world as well and it can only happen if we start acting to solve the problem now.

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