Fascinating facts about Patrick Dwyer financial advisor

If you’re interested in learning about one of wealth management firm Merill Lynch’s top performing financial advisors, it’s well worth continuing reading to discover why Patrick Dwyer is a valued member of the Merill Lynch financial advisors team.

Fascinating facts about Patrick Dwyer financial advisor:

1. Dwyer has featured in multiple Forbes Magazine lists

Only the creme de la creme of financial experts ever have the distinction of having their name featured in one of Forbes Magazine lists. Not only has Patrick Dwyer had his name featured in Forbes Magazine on numerous occasions but he has also been named Forbes Magazine 5th ranked advisor in the Forbes Magazine competition for America’s Top Wealth Advisors in 2016.

2. Dwyer has also featured in Wealth Management Magazine

Patrick Dwyer has also featured in Wealth Management Magazine’s Top 100 Wirehouse Advisors in America list for 10 years in a row. A feat which has only been achieved by a handful of the country’s top performing financial advisors.

3. Patrick Dwyer has enjoyed an impressive, lengthy career as a financial advisor

While Dwyer certainly has no plans on retiring anytime soon as he is just as passionate about helping individuals make the best financial decisions as possible, Dwyer has already enjoyed a rather lengthy career as a financial advisor. In fact, Dwyer first started working as a financial advisor way back in July 1993 and has been working in the finance sector for around 25 years.

So if you’re looking to take the financial advice or a finance expert who has been helping clients manage their finances for the past 25 years, it’s well worth taking on board Dwyer’s financial advice

4. Dwyer boasts not one but two finance-related degrees from reputable colleges

While some financial experts are self-taught, while Dwyer has a natural aptitude for the world of finance, Dwyer has two finance degrees under his belt. Dwyer’s first degree is a bachelor’s degree in finance which he earned from Providence Collge. Which is located in Providence in Rhode Island. While his second degree is a post-graduate master’s degree from the University of Miami, which is located in Florida.

5. Patrick Dwyer currently works for one of the most trusted wealth management companies in the country

After working for numerous years for a wide variety of wealth management firms, Patrick Dwyer was headhunted to work at his dream company, Merill Lynch. A wealth management firm, which also happens to be a household name, due to its dominance in the wealth management sector.

As an employee at Merill Lynch, Patrick Dwyer currently performs two roles. First and foremost Patrick Dwyer is employed as a personal investment advisor. A role which is well suited to Dwyer due to his passion for investments of all natures. Dwyer’s second role is the role of a retirement benefits consultant. Which he was offered a few months after he started working at Merill Lynch back in 2013.

In conclusion, it should come as no surprise after reading the above article that Patrick Dwyer is one of the top performing financial advisors who works for Merill Lynch.

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