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Four Jobs To Consider If You Enjoy Helping People

Working at a job, or career, where you help others can be very rewarding and satisfying. When you put good out into the world it brings more good into your own life so you feel happier and more accomplished. Sure, not every job where you help people is always going to have good outcomes, like if you work as an ER nurse, but you’ll still have good days when you save a life, or change a life.


There are many jobs in nursing, and while they all have their sad moments, you know you work to make a difference in every person’s life that you work on. You may be a nurse in the NICU, where you help babies survive after being born premature, bringing new life to the world that may not have made it without your compassion.

You may also be a Hospice nurse. And while you help people transition from this life to their death, you help them do it gracefully and with no pain.

Medical Assistant

Nursing, or becoming a doctor, aren’t the only fields in medicine in which you can help others and do good. Becoming a medical assistant will get you right up close with doctors and patients, so you can help people and help those that are helping them as well.

Life Coach

A life coach can help people in nearly every aspect of their life, which can make them happier, healthier, and successful at work, relationships, and life. You may not think that you need a life coach, or you may not know what a life coach really could do for you.

If you feel like your love life is stale, or you feel like your career is going nowhere, it is in these places that a life coach can help you. So, being a life coach allows you to help people make changes in their lives that they may not otherwise know how to do.


If you don’t feel like life coaching is the right path, but you want to help people when they are feeling stuck or when they are depressed, you could become a therapist. People seek therapy whenever they are depressed, stressed, or even angry. You can be the one to help them get through their issues and live a better life.

These are just a few of the jobs you can get into if you want to help others. They are ideal careers for people that are compassionate and love other people, no matter who they are, stranger or friend. If any of these jobs sounds perfect for you, you may want to take some time to look into what type of schooling and credentials you’ll need to get started.

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